Friday, 14 March 2014

When the Sister Came to Stay Part 1

My little sister is amazing. We are such good friends as well as being sisters, and always have a laugh together, we can tell each other almost anything, and we understand each other completely. However we don't get to see as much of each other as we'd like to, mostly because I live in Leeds, and she's back at home in the midlands, and she works all day on a Saturday and Sunday, so when I do go home for a weekend, she's working the whole time!

When I found myself in the position of having 2 days of annual leave to take, and nothing to use it for, I knew I had to get Nat up to see me in Leeds on her days off, and make the most of the leftover leave I had. She had last Thursday and Friday off, so on Wednesday night after work she drove her little car up to see me and we had the best two days!

On Thursday I decided to take her to York as it is a gorgeous city, and Nat had never been before. We arrived nice and early and it was the first bright and slightly warm day of the year, so we had a wander around all the sights before making our first food stop of the day. Now, anyone who has been to York will be well accustomed to the huge queue outside Bettys tea room. When we walked past and saw that there was no queue at all, we had to pop in for some cake and lemonade, it would have been rude not to!

We both went for the Citron Torte, with raspberry sauce and fresh berries on the side. Wow. It was divine, moist, creamy, lemony, all without being sickly or too tart, and the raspberry sauce was clearly made from real raspberries. The berries didn't taste like frozen ones, and the silence that fell over us both as we devoured this gorgeous specimen is proof of how good it was.

For lunch (yes we did eat dessert before lunch, but we did shop in between food stops!), we decided to go to Jamie's Italian, I had only been the once before and loved it, so wanted to know if it was consistently good. Nat had the Sausage Papparadelle, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and I had the Wild Rabbit Casarecce, partly because I'd never tried rabbit, and also because earlier in the day Nat had asked whether rarebit had rabbit in it. This made me giggle, so I got her to try a bit of rabbit from my plate. Both the dishes were lovely, Jamie's Italian is the place to go for posh pasta at a decent price!

In the afternoon, after a spot more shopping, I took Nat to York Chocolate Story. In my opinion this is miles better than Cadbury World, as you get to eat so much more chocolate, it seems a lot more interactive, and it has a way cheaper entry fee! For £9 each we learnt all about the origins of chocolate in York, and how chocolate is made. We got to make a chocolate lollipop each as part of the tour, and watch how truffles are made. The chef who made the truffles showed us the Japanese Kit Kats in the picture above. They are some crazy flavours, including squid ink, wasabi, cheesecake, as well as slightly more normal sounding ones like citrus and cherry. They have 4 times the legal amount of caffeine in them than is allowed in British chocolate, so can't be sold in this country, but I am desperate to try some as they sound insane!

We returned home tired, full and very happy, and watched movies in our pyjamas until we fell asleep on the sofa, as is decreed by our genetics - it isn't unusual to find all 4 of us asleep in the lounge on an evening in front of the TV! 

To save this becoming a picture heavy post, I'll save what we got up to on Friday for another post. As a sneak preview though, it includes one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life, and the best chips in the world ever. 

Rachel xx


  1. Ooooooh I've often wondered about the chocolate story, I didn't know whether it was worth going to and have never met anyone that's been. Might give it a look next time I'm in York x

  2. Oh my god, four times the legal caffeine limit?? That's crazy! I didn't know about the York chocolate story dammit, I normally spend my days in York either in Bettys or in the haunted house (which is really damn scary!) Glad you had a lovely time with your sister :) xxx
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