Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sunday Confessional VII

Something I have enjoyed since school is acting. I'm no Emma Watson (I wish!) but I do enjoy being up on stage, being a character in front of a live audience. I had a part in the school musical every year, and absolutely loved every second of it. However, I stopped acting when I got to college, as the musicals were the domain of the theater studies students, and as I was taking all science A levels, I really wasn't one of them! (I will get to the confession part in a minute, I promise.) After a few years without treading the boards I really began to miss it, and joined an amateur dramatics society back in the midlands. It was brilliant, getting to act in a variety of plays from comedy, to murder mystery, and getting the buzz from being on stage again, I had so much fun!

However, in the last play I did with the group before I moved, my part had one line in it which gave me loads of trouble, because it had to be spoken in an accent so as it wasn't obvious that it was me speaking. No problem for most people as they always have one accent they can put on when required. Not me though, because:

I cannot do accents.

It is so embarrassing, everyone in the group looked at me in disbelief when I confessed about my awful accent abilities, it was only when I gave it a go in front of them (going bright red in the process I might add) that they finally believed me. That one line, "I found the duvet sir" is the most difficult line I have ever had to deliver, and is possibly my least favourite moment on stage ever, ranking above the time when I completely forgot my line on stage at school, and when I had to kiss a guy on stage in front of Rich. It's simply awful, I just sound like I am trying to do an accent, which I am, but it is completely unidentifiable.

To prove to you all how bad I am at accents, I made my first ever YouTube video, demonstrating my complete lack of ability... Watch it if you'd like a laugh!

Hope you like it!

Rachel xx


  1. I'm a new reader and I'm so in love with your blog! <3

  2. haha, aww I went to drama school and this reminds me of some of the actors who really struggled with accents, myself included for certain ones, my Welsh attempt had everyone in fits laughing at me! I miss acting, I can't do it anymore as I'm not well so it's something that has had to take a back seat in my life :(
    x Hayley-Eszti


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