Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Confessional VI

This weeks Sunday Confession probably isn't the coolest thing in the world, in fact, most people will probably think I'm quite sad for doing this, but it is something I really really enjoy, and I'm glad I get to do it...

I love going to Download Festival with my Dad.

It all started 3 years ago, I hadn't been to a festival in a few years, and I'd spotted that the Download Festival line up was looking pretty good that year. My friends were all too skint to go, or didn't fancy it, and as I was single, there was nobody to drag with me. So one evening when my Dad had drunk a couple of gins, I started telling him who the headliners were, and they were some bands he quite liked. He was turning 50 the next year and had loads of things planned for the year to mark the age, so as another part of him turning 50, we bought tickets! I was chuffed I was getting to go to Download, and I was looking forward to taking him to his first ever modern style festival. 

Apologies for the awful photo quality, it was taken in a tent when it was very sunny outside, so making it black and white was the only way I could make it so you can actually see us!
Luckily, my parents live within a reasonable driving distance of Download, so me and my Dad decided that I would drive every day, so my Dad could have a drink. Drinking really doesn't bother me at all, I'd rather drink pop, remember everything, and not have to go to the toilet as often, as festival toilets are never very nice! Me driving and Dad drinking did mean that every night on the way home he'd tipsily be turning the music up in my car, as I'd be going mad at him telling him to turn it down again. Quite the role reversal!

My Dad loved his first ever Download experience, getting to check out loads of new bands, and having lots of father daughter time, and I really enjoyed being there with him. I'm a bit of a sedate festival goer anyway, and Dad didn't mind going a bit closer to the front for the bands I wanted to be in the thick of it for. Jumping up and down to the Prodigy with him, right next to a couple of mosh pits is one of my favourite memories of me and my Dad ever.

The only slightly awkward moment was when we were watching Tenacious D and they started playing the song "F*ck her gently". I was singing along merrily, as I do when watching most songs I know the words to, when it struck me that it was very weird to be singing those lyrics whilst stood with my Dad, but he didn't mind, so I carried on!

We had such a good weekend, that we did it last year too, and I can sense it becoming a frequent thing. We have been to a few gigs together again since Download, but in a much cooler way than when I was a kid and my Mum took me and my sister to go see Steps!

Have you ever been to a gig with a parent? Can you imagine yourself going to a festival with one? Do you think I'm a loser now? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Rachel xx


  1. This is so lovely! What a precious day.


  2. Absolutely no way this is sad, I think it's absolutely lovely! Sharing something like this with a parent is really wonderful, it's creating memories that you'll probably find are your favourites in years and years to come!

    I used to love football when I was younger and used to go to matches with my Dad, we really bonded over it and it became our little hobby, something that only we shared, it was so lovely!


  3. You're not a loser! I've been to Glastonbury with my dad - last year we even watched Dizzee Rascal together (although to be fair, he did fall asleep halfway through the set). We both work at Glastobury along with my sis-in-law and usually all go round together. :-) x


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