Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Confessional IV

This is a real confession. Even Rich doesn't know about it, however I may have discussed it with my bestie, as I needed to make sure I wasn't on my own with this!

I dream cheated on Rich.

I have always, always had crazy realistic dreams, more than one a night, and 9 times out of 10 I remember them in great great detail. Often they're like being in an episode of a TV show, and they're usually harmless, and do quite often involve people I know, from the past or present. I have had the ability to slightly control my dreams in the past, and have woken up from giggling or crying in a dream as well. I put it all down to my insanely overactive imagination

However, this is the first time since being with Rich that I've had a dream about romanticness with anybody other than him! I woke up feeling so so guilty, and immediately sent him a lovely message, trying to soothe my guilty conscience, even though I'd done nothing [hysically wrong. It's most likely because I'm missing him so much, and because my brain likes to mess with me it substituted him for some random guy. WHY BRAIN WHY?!

As the guy my brain put in Rich's place is a random guy from work, that day was so awkward, luckily the guy in question I have only ever said hello to a couple of times as he works in a different area, but I caught a glimpse of him in the tea room and I felt so awkward and must have blushed a bit. Thanks pale skin. Luckily the shame and the memories have died off a bit now it's been a while since the dream, but I still feel really guilty about it! The guy is married, and far too old for me and I'd never look at him in that way ever if it wasn't for my stupid brain and the things it dreams, even though I can barely look him in the eye at all anymore because I feel so awkward.

Do any of you have weird strange dreams? And have you ever dreamed about cheating on your other half? What did you do? Please tell me I'll forget about it in time?

Rachel xx


  1. I've definitely dream cheated before, but then again I have so many other vivid dreams that I don't read anything into it because my other dreams don't mean anything.

  2. Oh My God lol!!! I had a dream just the other night that I was dating someone else and Dan wasn't even bothered!!! No idea what that means lol but when I told him about it in the morning, he still wasn't bothered!!! I wouldn't read too much into your dreams ducky, like Lisa says if you dream wildy vivid dreams and they don't come true then why should this mean anything different? xx


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