Friday, 7 March 2014

One year, five years, ten.

My favourite American blogger, Bonnie, wrote an amazing post this week where she talked about it being 10 years since she graduated high school, so she looked at where she thought she'd be at 1, 5 and 10 years after graduating and where she actually was at those points. You can read the post here. It was made into a link up and I had to jump on the band wagon because my life certainly didn't wind up as I thought it would at the age of 16!

In the limo at prom night with a couple of friends from the time. Don't even mention the hair. That was done at a hairdressers. Yes really.

One Year:
What I thought: I knew I was going to the local sixth form college to do A Levels, and I thought I'd have a huge circle of friends and be getting top marks in my classes still, with a proper boyfriend and be very grown up and an adult as I was no longer at school.

Where I was: I was at the local sixth form college doing my A Levels, I had a pretty decent circle of friends, and by the summer between first and second year at college I had met my first serious boyfriend. So far so good right? However I wasn't getting the grades I was expecting in my classes and exams, as I was finding lessons a lot more difficult than I did at school. Having a social life and boyfriend was seriously distracting me, and the different learning style of college compared to school were mostly to blame for the drop in my grades, which took some getting used to! I was beginning to become less naive and a bit more grown up but there's no way I was actually an adult at the age of 17, even if I thought I was.

One of my first ever experiences of clubbing at a local rock night. 
Did I mention my rocker phase? I was so hardcore. 

My 17th birthday camping in my parents' garden. 
Lots of good sober fun!

Five Years:
What I thought: To be fair, at 16 I didn't think much further at all than the next year, so I'm going to talk about where I thought I'd be after each point. So at 17 I thought by the age of 21 I'd be graduating with a degree in Maths and Computer Science from a top uni, ready to get married to the serious boyfriend I mentioned before. I'd have an amazing job to walk into, and I'd be a complete grown up and a real adult. When I was 17, 21 seemed so old and so far away!

Where I was: Well. My life changed an awful lot in these 5 years, I'll try to summarise as much as I can. I went to university to do Computer Science as my A Level grades weren't good enough to do the Maths portion of the degree. This was all good, and I was at the same university as the serious boyfriend. We were engaged and life looked pretty on track. That relationship ended pretty soon after starting at uni, and after returning from the Easter break I decided to drop out after my first year finished as the degree really wasn't what I expected. This meant that I moved back in with my family whilst I decided what to do next.

I had a gap year which was full of fun, change and planning, resulting in deciding to apply for the training scheme for the NHS which lead to my current career. I moved to a new city, with a full time job and began to study for the vocational degree required for my job. Things had got a whole heap better! Life settled down at that point, and by the age of 21 I was half way through my degree and my training scheme, renting a flat on my own and having things pretty sussed out. Not where I thought I'd be when I was 17, but I was very very happy.

At uni before one of many nights out aged 18. 
The school uniform meant we got in for free. Very important as a student! 

My 20th birthday. You might spot fellow blogger Rebecca of itsrebecca on the back left!

Out for a meal on a block week aged 20 with my uni girls.

Ten Years:
What I thought: At 21 I thought by the age of 26 I'd have graduated with a good result in my degree, have progressed some in my career, be married and be beginning to think about children. Pretty simple, but it was all I wanted in life!

Where I will be: Now, I'm not 26 yet, but I think I can safely say that I will be married to Rich before I turn 27 as we got engaged a few months ago! I did get a very good result in my degree *proud face* and luckily secured a permanent job which included a promotion! Children aren't on the cards yet, because we are a bit traditional and would like to be married before we start to expand the family. My life is really good, I'm very happy and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be right now than where I am!

This is a very different and yet very similar position I thought I'd be in at the age of 24 when I was 16. To be honest I wanted to be in love, with a good job, and most of all be happy and healthy. I am all of those things. Let's hope that life continues getting better and better!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it wasn't all a bit TMI. It was brilliant trawling through my old photos again to find the ones I used in this post, and I've got right down memory lane!

Where did you think you'd be one, five and ten years after finishing high school?

Rachel xx


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  1. This was such a great idea for a post.. When I think of it.. well, my expectations didnt really become reality.. But to be honest I'm much happier the way I am now :))))
    Ah! Woke up with your post - and I cannot help but smile!!!


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