Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Liebster Award

So, on Sunday in my confessions post I mentioned that Rebecca had done a blog post about me and I was really honoured. Very soon after I published that post though I found that Chloe-Ellen had nominated me for a Liebster Award, and not only that, she mentioned me in the favourite blogger question! I was so touched by all of the lovely compliments; I can't believe that anyone even reads this blog, nevermind that people think it's good! (You can read the nomination here).

Just in case you aren't aware of the Liebster Award, it is for bloggers with less than 200 followers and the word liebster is German and means something like "lovely" so effectively is meant for lovely bloggers.

Chloe-Ellen requested 15 random facts about her nominees, so here we go!
  1. I utterly loathe baked beans. The juice alone can impregnate other foods and make the whole plate taste awful. Ew. I do love spaghetti hoops though, which people say has the same juice as baked beans, but to me they're totally different.
  2. I have an extra hole in my right ear which doesn't go anywhere. I've never seen it myself but I'd love to one day!
  3. I'm quite tall for a girl, I'm 5 feet 11 and a half inches tall. Luckily I never quite hit 6 foot as finding clothes is difficult enough! Both my Mum and Dad are tall, so I was kind of doomed really.
  4. Leading on from point 3, I have only ever kissed one guy who I had to go on very tip-toe to reach, and even then he had to bend down a bit because he was 6'7! I got so excited that I ran to my friend straight after to have an excited squeal at her!
  5. Films that everyone's seen, I haven't seen. I discussed this on Sunday, but I am working to change this fact about myself!
  6. Me and my little (not so little really, she's 23!) sister are very close, we shared a bedroom growing up and we still share most things now. We don't look very alike, but we can have a conversation without speaking when we need to!
  7. I don't wear makeup every day (except my eyeliner, but does that count?).
  8. I know pretty much the whole script and dance routines to Bring It On. Mainly because I've watched it so often that the original VHS tape I had of it wore out. And me and my sister spent most of our childhood creating dance routines and learning them from videos, before performing them to our very lucky family.
  9. Not such a random fact when you consider my layout, but I love love love Harry Potter. I must have read the first book about 30 times by now, mostly when I was a kid, and then every time a book or a film came out I had to read the whole series so far from the beginning! I went to midnight launches for the books and visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tours last year for my birthday was one of my most magical birthdays ever!
  10. love watching YouTubers even though I am probably a bit old for that.
  11. Gas masks terrify me, and the fact that there is one in my house is not something I am happy about. Luckily Rich keeps all his kit under the spare bed, and I refuse to look under the bed just in case I stumble across it. *shudder*
  12. When I was a teenager I was a rocker. I loved band tshirts and baggy jeans, sweat bands and spiky jewelry, skate shoes and chains. I went into Claires Accessories on Sunday and all the type of jewelry I used to wear back in the noughties is back in fashion and back in Claires. I got so excited, and so nostalgic!
  13. I can get mega high scores on End of the Century on Dance Stage Megamix in arcades and on the Playstation game. I know the whole step sequence off by heart, and me and my sister love going on it in arcades to show off how cool we are!
  14. Singstar on the PS2 certified me tone deaf, yet I have sung at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in a choir whilst I was at school.
  15. I broke my left ring finger playing Netball a couple of years ago, and that is the only bone I have ever broken.
That's my 15 random facts! It was harder than I thought. My questions for my nominees are:
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Can you roll your tongue?
  3. What was your favourite subject at school?
  4. Where are you going on holiday this year? (If you're not, where would you like to go?)
  5. Why do you like blogging?
  6. How was your day today? 
  7. Who is your favourite blogger?
  8. Do you watch any YouTubers? If yes, who do you love?
  9. Pineapple on pizzas, yay or nay?
  10. Tell me an embarrassing moment that happened to you recently?
The bloggers I nominate are:

Rebecca at itsrebecca
Becca at iateskinny
Amy Elizabeth at Amy Elizabeth
Aimee at Aimee Dot

If you want to take part as well, feel free to do so and let me know that you've answered the questions!

Rachel xx


  1. Awh great random facts, intrigued about the hole in the ear! x


  2. So many cool random facts! It's interesting what you can come up with when forced to think about it.
    Sisters are the best thing in the world. Glad you guys have a close relationship!
    Bring It On is hilarious! I'm not sure if watch it that many times, but it sure is a good one.
    I'm 4'11-total opposite of you. I need assistance teaching things. Blah.
    Oh and you're NEVER too old or YouTube! I love that website!


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