Tuesday, 4 March 2014

5 Happy Things About Deployment

As regular readers will know, Rich has been on tour now for a few months, click here to read all my posts about deployment. This is the first time that either of us has ever been through this and now I feel a bit more qualified to start blogging about it all as I've been through a lot of highs and lows.

I always try to look on the bright side of things, as when you make the effort to see the good in something, it never seems quite as bad anymore. So here are my top 5 happy things about Rich being on deployment.

1. The house to yourself.

This is a simple thing, and quite obvious really. I am now living alone, so I have the house entirely to myself. This is heaven to me! When I leave the house in the morning, everything will be exactly as I left it when I get back, so if I've spent ages tidying and cleaning, then nobody else can mess it up for me. It is also a bonus that if I really don't fancy doing the washing up one evening there's nobody to judge me or moan about the mess, and I can also have whoever I want round to visit whenever I want without having to check if it's ok with anybody. Best of all though, I have full control of the TV remote. That means my house is a no football zone for 6 months, utter bliss!

2. You get all the benefits of being single, whilst getting some of the benefits of being in a relationship.

Remember being single? The very hairy winter legs, the chipped toenail polish, the comfy leggings and threadbare pyjamas, the no makeup and hair in a topknot days? Well all those are yours again. You also get all the time in the world to spend with your friends and family, without having to balance it all out with going to watch the football, or trailing round shops you don't want to go to. However being single can get pretty lonely, and you get fed up after a while, especially with people hassling you about your love life. When the other half is away, you get no probing questions asking if you're courting yet, and you can still message, call and write to each other as much as you want, so you get a lot of the relationship perks! Also, I can't wait until Rich is home again because I'm imagining we'll be like when we first got together again, inseparable and disgustingly sweet towards each other, because we'll have missed each other so much. Can't wait!

3. One message/letter/phone call from him will make your day.

When you're together normally, getting a message which says "hey" or a phone call at half past one in the morning is very unlikely to make you smile, however when he's away and you haven't talked in a while, and seen him in months, getting those messages and calls will make your day, even if it wakes you up in the middle of the night, or interrupts something important. It's a rare thing to be happy about things like that, so treasure it!

4. The words "cuddle", "big hug" and "kisses" take on whole new meanings.

Because it has been months since I had my last cuddle from Rich, or a big hug or a kiss, if I'm having a bad day and he says "cuddle" it is almost like I am being cuddled by him. It is the thought that counts, and this becomes even more evident when you are thousands of miles apart. I'm sure the words will cease to have as much meaning when he's home and I can have any of those things whenever I want, but I'm enjoying it whilst it lasts.

5. You will get a lot closer to his family and friends.

Before Rich left, I would never see his family or friends without him, so we always had the buffer of him being there. It wasn't a problem, and I did get on well with them all which was lovely. However whilst Rich has been away I have been talking to his family and friends a lot more to keep in contact, and as I mentioned here I went down to his home town last month for one of his best friends' hen do. I stayed at his Mum's house without him, which is something I'd never done before, but because of all this I feel much closer to all of them, and a real part of the family and friendship group. He was very jealous of me getting to see everyone though so I had to Skype him and get him passed around his friends so they could say hello!

So there we have it! My top 5 happy things about deployment. Don't get me wrong, there are flip sides to some of these things which make me sad at times, but I wanted to write about this so any people who are potentially going to go through something similar soon can see that it's not all doom and gloom, there will be perks and benefits!

I hope you don't mind these sorts of posts if you're not in the military way, I have a few more ideas for other posts but if there is anything you'd like to know let me know in the comments.

Rachel xx


  1. This post made me giggle, you are so dead on with all of this!! My personal fave is the laundry - I love not having to do Dan's laundry when he is away!!! I remember when he first went to Afghan and his mum, who I had never met in person, called me about once a week for an update. We got so close over that time.And defo 'cuddles' and late night e-mails. And trust - when he gets back you guys will be so sweet to each other. Dan and I hibernate for a week or two whenever he returns!! It's amaze :) Great post hun xxx

  2. I loved this post - whilst i am fully aware just being in a university-caused long distance relationship is nothing like what you are going through, I have to admit it does make short conversations and 'cuddles' a lot more exciting. Hope the time til he's back passes quickly! x


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  4. Oops made a mistake there! I was going to say, I'm in the same situation as Chloe, when I'm at uni my relationship becomes long distance which isn't as difficult as what you're dealing with right now but with him in Milan and me in the UK, I do get all of the benefits you've highlighted so well :) hope you get to be together again soon and that you keep enjoying this time to yourself!
    Lucy xxx
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