Friday, 28 March 2014

10 Things That Will Happen During Deployment

Following on from my 5 Happy Things About Deployment post earlier this month, I thought I'd post some more of my experiences of Rich being on tour. These are things I wasn't expecting to happen, but have happened.

You Will...

  1. Become supremely glued to your phone, especially around the time you know you usually get messages from them. I've become very adept at taking my phone everywhere with me, even to the loo, because if you miss the one message they get chance to send that day, you will kick yourself! Phone calls produce even more crazy behaviour, if I know Rich may ring that evening, I even shower looking at my phone, ready to leap out the second it does ring!
  2. Cry a lot more than usual. I'm not normally a crier, adverts and TV shows don't tend to affect me, and even when a book or a film does make me cry, it's usually just a few tears which roll down my cheeks and that's it. Since Rich has been away though I've been like a waterfall at times! The other day I was watching Wild Child, which I've seen before, and I started crying during the fire scene. It's not even sad!!! The pre-deployment me is disgusted with myself.
  3. Get into a proper little routine. Without another person to add some variety into the mix, my evenings have become so routined it's a little strange. It's comforting though, and helps me to not feel so lonely of an evening with nobody to talk to.
  4. Find out who your true friends are. A true friend is one who will listen to you moaning for the umpteenth time about how much you miss him, or how annoyed you are at him that day. They will ask you how you are, and really want to know the answer, and will tell you what every person left behind on deployment wants to hear: "You are doing so well". They will always be available for a random message, and will get excited with you when the countdown begins to homecoming time. I'm lucky to have found a good number of true friends during Rich's deployment, and I'm so thankful for it because it has made the time go so much more quickly.
  5. Become an expert avoider of war zone news. As soon as any war zone news comes on the TV or radio, I tune it out for as long as needs be, I start thinking about something else or turn it over immediately. I don't need to know about any of the bad news that happens out there, I need to keep positive for my own sanity, and the news doesn't help with that.
  6. Have little sympathy for couples lamenting over having to spend one evening apart. Man up. Seriously. I have learnt to keep quiet now when I have to witness these situations, because I'll get myself into trouble otherwise, but ranting just occurs inside my head instead! 
  7. Get very impatient as soon as you can see the end. Once I passed the half-way point between Rich leaving and coming home, I became very impatient, and time has started to go really slowly. It was different when it was near the beginning of the tour because I knew I had ages to go, but now it's getting closer and closer to the end, time can't go fast enough!
  8. Not be able to watch homecoming videos on YouTube. I made this mistake one night, thinking I could handle it. I couldn't. Don't be as daft as me, avoid them!
  9. Get to know your local Post Office staff very well by the end of the deployment. You'll constantly be on the look out for things to send in care packages, and then be going to the post office a lot to send them out (they're free to send, which is a bonus!) and get more blueys (the free letter paper that we can send) so expect to get on first name terms with the staff in there.
  10. Know your relationship is iron strong. Nothing tests a relationship like a deployment does, if you can make it through the inevitable tough parts, and still love each other as much as you did in the beginning, you were meant to be together and can get through anything!
They're 10 things which have happened to me during Rich's tour, if you're in a long distance relationship can you relate to any of these? Any other things which have happened to you? Let me know!

Rachel xx

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  1. Wow! I've never had anyone remotely close to me be enlisted or deployed. I appreciate the people who do it and sacrifice so much! Thank God for those close knit relationships you have formed with others. I pray that you are sustained and that you will see him soon.


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