Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What's In My Handbag?

When I was just about to start my new job up here, my Mother sat me down one evening to have a serious chat. She told me that as I was going to have a grown up job now, I shouldn't take my beloved pink rucksack to work, I should use a handbag, and we were going to go and buy one. I have to admit, I agreed mostly just because it was easier, but my Mum was right, it is more grown up, and I have come to like having a handbag. Don't get me wrong, I still use my pink rucksack for day trips, but my handbag is the bag I pick up and pop out to the shops with now.

This is my lovely bag, it's from New Look, and is serving me well so far! The clasp on the first one I bought broke within a few days, but I exchanged it for this bag and the clasp on this one is holding up just fine. I like it because it has the options of a shoulder strap or hand straps, and the shoulder strap is long enough for me (curse of the tall girls!) to wear across my body without the bag being underneath my armpits.

This is what I have in my bag on a day to day basis. There may have been a few screwed up receipts I didn't photograph, but who has a perfect bag all of the time?

1. My red purse. I would say where this was from but it was a gift from my Mum about 3 or 4 years ago now. It's got a good amount of card holders in it, and a decent coin section. One of the stud hole things has fallen out at the bottom now though so a new one might be on the cards in the next few months. 
2. My Kindle in a Belkin e-reader case. I'm one of those people who doesn't go anywhere without a book to read, so having a Kindle certainly saves my back when I'm reading a particularly thick book. Or that day when you know you're going to finish your book during lunch, but don't want to have nothing to read afterwards, so I used to take two books with me. The pain! I'm not a fan of the leather open book style Kindle cases either as in my opinion they make them too bulky to hold comfortably. I also like that this case has a little zip pocket on the front to keep the charger cable in. Handy. 
3. Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub, I talk more about this here but it helps me to keep my lips lovely and soft. 
4. Random nail varnishes. This stems from when I was stuck in two monstrously long traffic jams where I had the engine off for a long time whilst waiting. I figure having nail varnishes in my handbag will mean that if I am ever stuck in a crazy traffic jam again I can always give myself a manicure. 
5. A pen. A Paperchase pen to be more precise. Never be without a pen in your handbag because you never know when you might need one! Paperchase pens are my favourite because they write really nicely and look pretty too. 
6. Nivea pure and natural milk and honey lip balm. The cold weather means I get terrible chapped lips, so this, along with the lip scrub is to try and look after them a bit more! I talk more about this product here
7. Benefit They're Real mascara. This is my just in case makeup to transform me from day into night. I don't wear mascara very often because it can make my eyelashes itch, but this doesn't! 
8. I am a nightmare for biting my nails, and if one chips or splits whilst I'm out I will tend to bite it until there is no more nail left, which is not good. My solution to this was to carry a nail file with me everywhere so I can smooth down rough edges with a file rather than my teeth. It's working quite well so far! The stylfile is well worth the money, it's really easy to use, and the shape is much easier to handle than a normal straight nail file. 
9. My journal. I use this mostly for writing down streams of consciousness, but I also use it for meal planning, writing down useful things and wedding ideas. It's so cute!
10. A sanitary towel tin. This was free with an Always pack recently and is very useful because if people look inside my bag it isn't immediately obvious when I've got towels inside there! It also stops them from getting all flattened and scrunched up, which is awful. This may have been a bit TMI, but we're all girls here and it's only natural!
11. I don't like chewing gum. At all, I find it really weird to chew something without swallowing it, and because I can't swallow it I immediately think I'm going to. I have the same problem with mouthwash. So for those moments where I've eaten something pongy, I have tic tacs with me as my mint of choice.

12. These are really cool Nordic Grip shoe attachment things. Rich bought them for me for Christmas this year, as last year I managed to fall over quite spectacularly in the snow leading to a cut up face and a scar underneath my chin. This year Rich won't be around to mop me up afterwards, so he bought me these to try and help me to stay upright. I've only used them once so far, as there's only been one icy day, but they really do work! Everyone else was walking like they had a full nappy and I could stroll into work at a normal pace. They just stretch and fit over whatever shoes you're wearing that day and because they're black they kind of blend in to my normal shoes so don't look really weird. Thank-you Rich!

So there we have it, the contents of my handbag! Normally my phone or my keys can wind up in there as well, but not very often and I thought they wouldn't be that interesting to photograph. I'm planning on doing a phone review post at some point soon anyway. What do you carry in your handbag? Is there anything really useful I'm missing? Comment below and let me know!


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