Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Confessional

I have something to confess. There is this thing which I really enjoy, and am slightly scared to admit to people that I do it. Rich caught me at it a few times, and now he can tell what I'm up to as soon as he hears the tell tale noise...

I am 24 and I love watching YouTubers.

This wouldn't be so shameful if I was under the age of 18, as are most of their viewers, but because I'm the same age, or even older than most of them, I get scared to admit my habit to other people.

It all started with Louise @ Sprinkle of Glitter (I blame it all on her infectious happiness and fabulous accent!) I was looking for ideas of how to wrap Christmas presents a couple of years ago and I came across this video and from that minute I was hooked. I watched so many of her videos that first night, and that is where the love affair with YouTubers began. Darcy, pictured above with Louise, is the most adorable little girl ever, and every time Louise features her in a video I do a little squeal of delight. Poor Rich has been subjected to so many of these videos to be proof that little kids can be the cutest thing ever!

From Louise's channel I quickly found Zoe @ Zoella. She is another young woman who has an infectious personality and she has a zest for life which I can't get enough of. The fact that Zoe is an amazing singer and so pretty helps as well! Zoe and Louise are best friends and when they do a collaboration video you are guaranteed a lot of giggles. 

I also love danisnotonfireJim ChapmanPointlessBlogTanya Burr and ThatcherJoe (just in case you want to check them out and fall down the rabbit hole with me).

I would love to meet these YouTubers, and they do meetups in the summer at various events. I'd love to go but the fear of being the oldest there by a good 5 years always holds me back, even though my 14 year old cousin also watches some of them so I could always pretend I'm supervising her! My response to meeting them would hopefully be a bit more mature than a scream, as I feel as though I could be genuine friends of some of them, however I can see myself getting caught up in the atmosphere and turning into a 16 year old again and making a complete fool of myself. I've even got to the stage of dreaming that I'm friends with some of them now as well. Is that freaky to admit? It is Sunday confession time!

Do you like any of these YouTubers? Do you feel the same as me? Let me know in the comments and help me to not feel quite so alone!

Rachel xx


  1. I too have fallen into the youtube addiction category so you're definitely not alone, I love all the people you mentioned plus a few american youtubers as well, I even started my own channel so I had an excuse to be on youtube all the time haha and yes if I ever got to meet any of the youtubers I watch, I know I'd become an over excited teen ;)

  2. :) I love your Blog <3 and yes I'm always on YouTube! My favourite at the moment is sourceFedNerd! Xx

  3. I watch the same as you, plus some others, and I'm 30 so I feel really old when I watch them all.


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