Friday, 14 February 2014

Nothing In This World Worth Having Comes Easy...

As it is St Valentines day I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post mine and Rich's love story for you all to read on this soppy day!

Two days before Valentines day in 2009 I ended a very bad relationship, I was very glad to be out of it and I spent the next 3 years being single, interspersed with some love interests who tended to go nowhere (particularly if they were 27, what was it with 27 year old guys and being weird?!). When it got to just before my 23rd birthday I thought enough was enough and it was time to try internet dating.

Having read a lot of Take A Break stories about women being murdered or other bad things happening to them after meeting a man on internet dating websites, I had put off joining a dating website for a very long time. Also, I didn't want the story of how I met my "one" to be read out on my wedding day to be "We met online." Such an anti-climax. Having tried everything else I could think of to be a way of meeting a man, joining clubs and classes and getting myself out there, and finding nobody, I thought it was high time I joined a website and at least that way when I met nobody but freaks, I could say "told you so" to all of the people who kept telling me to try it.

I have never lost the student mentality of free is (almost always) the best, I joined Plenty Of Fish as it was free and didn't have one of those awful huge quiz sign up things. I got chatting to a few guys and arranged a date with one to be in a couple of weekends time, but carried on chatting to another and kept my eye out for any other guys joining. I was very strict with my criteria, and immediately scrolled past guys who didn't meet my requirements. However if a guy messaged me, was tall enough (minimum 6'1 on his profile - guys lie about their height!) and messaged me with a personalised message rather than a generic "Hey bby u look sxy" I would reply, because you never know!

One day, a few days after I'd joined, this fellow messaged me. He'd seen that I'd looked at his profile but not messaged him, so he thought he'd send me a message. I looked, saw that he was in the RAF, which is why I'd not originally messaged him as I had stereotyped all guys in the armed forces, but his message was nice enough so I thought "what can I lose?" and replied. Messages flew backwards and forwards between us, getting longer and longer, and we just clicked. We arranged a date to be in a few days time, on a Tuesday because we couldn't wait til the weekend after (and besides, I already had another date planned but shh!). We swapped phone numbers, and the texts were pretty much constant. I loved that he wasn't just after one thing, and we got on so well, and he didn't use text speak, a pet peeve of mine!

The Tuesday came around nice and quickly and it was date night. We were going to Nandos and bowling on the retail park near to where I lived at the time. I got the text message you can see above, which made me like him even more, and yes, he was the awkward one stood outside Nandos. My first thought on meeting him was "Damn he looks even better than his pictures. Yum!" which is always a good sign! 

We spent the most wonderful evening eating Nandos, chatting a lot and tenpin bowling. After our games (I couldn't even tell you how many we had or who won, I was too smitten and on cloud nine!) we sat in the bowling alley bar and chatted until they kicked us out because they were closing. We didn't kiss on the first date, but as I walked from my car to my flat I danced and twirled and couldn't stop smiling because I was so unbelievably happy. I knew I'd found someone I would be with for a very long time, which sounds crazy, but I just knew. We were a perfect fit for each other, and the more I learnt about him the more and more I liked him, and the spark was so bright it lit us both up. We very quickly followed it up with another date that week, and then another on the Sunday, so 3 dates in the first week of meeting made it seem quite obvious we were into each other. Needless to say I didn't go on my other date I had arranged, and Rich has since told me he had another date arranged for that weekend as well which he also cancelled!

From there we moved quite quickly into a relationship and deleting our online dating profiles, and we said "I love you" pretty soon as well, because we both felt it and it was right. He said it first though! As Rich was still in training with the RAF he couldn't stay over at mine past midnight, so there were many nights where he got back to base with minutes to spare. Those first few weeks of discovering everything about each other in my little flat are some of my most favourite memories. 

About 2 months after we met Rich finished his training course and graduated, which I got to attend and I was such a proud girlfriend I nearly burst. However it did mean that he was moving away, and had no control over where to. It wound up being up North - where we are now - but I couldn't move with him at that point, and it would have been a bit foolish to, having not known each other for long! We then began being long distance, with Rich travelling 300 miles each weekend to come and visit me, as I had my flat and he was in a little room on base. We spent Christmas together which was the first Christmas I ever spent away from my family, a very strange experience, but amazing to spend it with Rich and his lovely family and friends. 

Finally this last summer I graduated from my degree and qualified in my job, and luckily as I was sitting my final exams a job came up where I am now, and I applied and got it (talked about a bit more here) so we could finally move in together and start our lives as a couple. We found the most wonderful house, and on one of our first few weekends here together Rich got down on one knee and proposed. I'll do a proper blog post on the proposal at some point, but long story short I said yes (of course!) and we will hopefully be getting married in the winter of 2015.

After a few months of cohabitual bliss (is that a word? It is now!) I had to say goodbye to Rich again as he went off to Afghanistan to do a tour of duty, which I talk about more herehere and here. He will be back this summer and quite frankly I cannot wait. I am missing him ridiculously much and I hate how used to him not being around I've gotten. Not long til he's back for a break in the middle though thank goodness.

So that's mine and Rich's love story so far, I know that this is just the beginning and there are many more exciting things to come, which I will share as much as I can with you all in the blog world! I hope this wasn't too nausea inducing for everyone, but to be honest, I love this man a stupid amount, and I want everyone to know about it!

Rachel xx

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  1. Hey! I've just discovered your blog and have been flicking through a few posts, and I just wanted to say I love it so much! Your posts are so interesting and easy to read :) sorry it's on a bit of a random post, but this was just the point I decided I wanted to let you know haha!

    Lauren x


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