Friday, 7 February 2014

Lodge Holiday in Yorkshire

So sorry about the delay to this post, I took far far too long in sorting out the photos from this holiday, but it was too lovely not to post on here! So, here goes!

As Rich had some annual leave to take before he went to Afghanistan (see this post and this one for more information) and my parents had kindly given me and my sister some money for our graduations this summer to be spent on a holiday, we thought we'd go and stay in a lodge for a week in November to relax before Rich went away. Rich's only stipulation was that the lodge have it's own hot tub, so off I went to Google to search "lodges with hot tubs".

The place we found was Ribblesdale Park ( where we booked the Chatterley Lodge midweek. It was near to Skipton, which Rich fancied visiting, and the ability to have in lodge massages really appealed to me, along with the Jacuzzi bath.

The lodge was a gorgeous size, just big enough for two people, but not cramped in the slightest. We had a TV in the living room, and one in the bedroom, both with DVD players to watch either DVDs you could hire from the cafe/reception, or our own. The hot tub was nice and secluded around the back of the lodge, and lovely and warm, apart from when we had to run back into the lodge wet and wearing just swimming things and a towel!

On the first day we woke up and Rich went for a run (crackers!) whilst I booked us both an in lodge massage for after he got back. The lady was very accommodating and we managed book her in for the same afternoon. She turned up with her massage table, towels and oil and asked us what types of massages we wanted. I went for a relaxation massage, with a bit of a deep one around my shoulders and back, where I tend to carry a lot of tension. Rich went for a sports deep tissue massage, as he has been doing a lot of sport lately and his hamstrings get very tight. I went first (of course) and it was amazing, I didn't want the hour to end. At £70 for the two of us I thought it was well worth it, especially as it took place in our own bedroom!

Afterwards we went to Hindelinis, which is the on site cafe, for afternoon tea. It was £25 for the two of us, including a drink, and it was the biggest, best afternoon tea I have ever eaten in my life!

The top tier had mini burgers, home made pâté, which came with hot toast, and a warm cheese tart. The middle tier had three varieties of sandwich - smoked salmon with lemon mayo, ham and mustard, and cheese and pickle, all served with a watercress salad garnish. The bottom tier had a strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake, a fruit scone and a cherry scone, a carrot cupcake and a fruit and cream tart. We had jam and clotted cream to go with the scones, and a cute strawberry milkshake. As Rich and I don't drink tea or coffee, they offered us a can of pop instead, which was really good of them, as we often get told that it's tea, coffee or nothing. 

The burgers were lovely, moist, juicy and just perfect. The cheese tart and the pâté were both very tasty, even if there was loads of pâté! The sandwiches had their crusts cut off, and were very tasty. The only complaint I had was that there were too many of them! So by the time we reached the bottom dessert tier we were both beginning to get very very full. The cheesecake and the carrot cake were to die for, and the strawberry milkshake was a great touch. The scones however were a bit dry, and the jam was very very runny. They were still enjoyable, but definitely disappointing when compared to the rest of the afternoon tea!

We visited Skipton Castle on one of the days which was really interesting as it had information about how the people in the castle lived, which is the part of history I always find the most fascinating. I even took a picture of Rich on what they used to use as the loo in the castle which was very funny, but probably not for posting on the internet!

I love going to visit caves, so had to visit the White Scar Caves whilst we were nearby. It was really quiet when we visited so there was only us and another 3 people on the tour which made it really personalised and we could go at our own pace. There were sections in the cave where you had to bend double to get through a low section, or breathe in to squeeze through a narrow part. This make it seem far more like an adventure, and I bet kids would love it!

We had a wonderful week away and it was just what we needed to spend some quality time together before Rich went out on tour. Hope you enjoyed nosing at the photos and let me know if you've ever been to any of the places I've mentioned!



  1. Awww it sounds like you two had such a lovely time! I really want to book a weekend break away for me and my boyfriend I may have to look into it!
    Great blog - new follower here :)
    Collette xxx

  2. That looks lovely and the afternoon tea looks amazing. So different to normal afternoon teas.

  3. This all sounds brilliant, I definitely fancy this myself this year! Love the look of the afternoon tea - though it is a bit of a shame about the scones as they are usually my favourite part!


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