Tuesday, 4 February 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge: Once Upon A Time...

This time the topic for the blogger challenge is writing about your most favourite or most hated book. I find it almost impossible to choose an individual book to be my most faourite ever, so I thought I'd choose my latest read from my most favourite author, Lesley Pearse.

She isn't the most well known author among younger readers, and this makes me sad as her stories are always heart-wrenching, exciting and complete page turners which have me gripped from beginning to end. My Nanna got me into these to begin with, but I'd soon read all of the books she had, and began compulsively ordering them from Amazon, then on my Kindle once I got that.

Her books always center around a young girl and follows her journey throughout her life, following the ups and downs that she encounters. Each and every book has a different main character (with occasional sequels, but they can all be read individually) who has faced adversity and overcomes it.

The book I have chosen to focus on for this review is Lesley Pearse's latest, which I got for Christmas this year, Forgive Me. The blurb on the back states:

"Eva Patterson's life is forever altered by the devastating discovery of her mother, Flora, dead in the bath leaving only a note: 'Forgive Me'.
Until Flora's suicide, Eva's world had been secure - but overnight everything changes. For when Flora leaves Eva a London artist's studio in her will, she finds her mother had a secret past.
In the studio's attic are Flora's paintings and diaries, and Eva learns her mother was a popular artist in the swinging sixties. Eva's hunt for answers uncovers clues to a shocking crime which led Flora to hide her past.
But will discovering the truth destroy Eva's belief in everything she holds dear? And will this journey lead her and those she loves into danger?"

This book is one of my favourites of Lesley's, it was particularly gripping, so much so that I had to have slightly longer lunch breaks a few times because I simply could not stop reading! There were more twists and turns than usual which I also enjoyed, and I really felt the pain that Eva was going through at several points.

As for most of Lesley Pearse's books, this was an easy read, making it easy to pick up, and if people interrupted me whilst I was reading it was easy to jump straight back into the story, making it the perfect work lunch room book to dip in and out of during my dinner break. I also found myself falling in love with the main love interest in the story, which is a very good sign!

Overall I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars, very very good, but not one which I have to tell everyone I meet about. Instead I will have a long chat with my Nanna about it as if we actually know the characters involved!

Have you read any Lesley Pearse books? Are there any authors who have a similar writing style that you know about? Do let me know in the comments!

Rachel xx


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