Friday, 21 February 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge: High End vs. High Street - Food Edition!

Sigh. I am so not a stereotypical blogger. The topic for this blogger challenge is about high end things compared to high street versions. I think it was meant to be about makeup, but as I mentioned in last weeks Sunday confessional post, I don't really wear makeup. The makeup that I do wear -eyeliner- I have always bought from Boots. Not even a counter in Boots, just one from a normal makeup range (currently I'm loving Soap and Glory black eyeliner, which is very high street!) so I am so under qualified to write this challenge post it is crazy.

I began to wonder, how about doing it on high end vs. high street clothes? It still counts and would work well as a post, but then I realised I have exactly 0 designer label items of clothing in my possession. There are always far more important things to spend £70 on than one plain white t-shirt in my opinion, usually food to be honest as I am completely ruled by my stomach.

This is when my brainwave hit! Let's do this post on branded versus own brand foods in the supermarket, and give hints and tips on what's awesome, and what I've discovered is worth paying the extra for the branding. All of the prices and photos are taken from the Sainsbury's website, as I do my weekly food shopping there so have the most idea of what's good and what isn't.

Let's start with what is good from the basics range, chopped tomatoes come in at 35p for 400g, compared to the branded versions, the cheapest of which is £1.10 for 400g. When you are using them as a base for a sauce, so adding loads of tomato puree, herbs etc, as seen in this post of mine, you really really don't need to be spending a lot of money. I always have a couple of cartons in my cupboards as they are a great cheap way to knock up a meal out of whatever you have in.

My current addiction is pancakes with lemon curd spread on them. These pancakes are 20p for 6, compared to branded ones which are 75p for 6. Admittedly, these are a little bit smaller than the branded ones, however they taste just as yummy, and are nearly a quarter of the price. Why pay more when you could just have more smaller ones for cheaper?

These tortilla chips are really good for 50p a bag. Doritos cost around £2.30 a bag, even though they are on special offer quite often. The only downside of having the basics version is that they just come in one flavour, salty, but if you are dipping I find them just as crunchy and yummy as Doritos, and so much cheaper! 

If you are baking with chocolate, why would you pay £1.39 for a 120g bar of Cadbury when you can have 100g of basics chocolate for 33p. You are baking it and putting it on or with other yummy things, so chocolate is chocolate. I also tend to find that the basics chocolate melts a lot easier than the Cadbury or Galaxy versions do, probably because it's thinner. Seriously. Cheap chocolate for baking. Always.

I do tend to do the vast majority of the rest of my food shopping from the Sainsbury's standard ranges, but there are a few things which I will always buy the branded versions of, because I have tried to go Sainsbury's but it just isn't as good. Or it is something like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which supermarkets don't even try to copy because they know they would get nowhere close!

If you know me in real life, you will know that I live off orange squash. I have tried and tasted most supermarket own brand versions, but my favourite by far is Robinsons Double Concentrate No Added Sugar Orange Squash which I buy the biggest bottles possible of, so it costs £3.65 for 1.75L. This is quite a bit more than the basics double strength orange squash which is 80p for 1.5L, but this extra cost is worth it to me as I get through a helluva lot of the stuff!
Baco Easy Cut Cling Film changed my life. I previously bought both Sainsbury's basics and own branded clingfilm but found that it didn't stick to anything. Not even itself. I am horrendously bad at using cling film as well so the amount of chuntering which went on in the general direction of it every time I used it wasn't good. Then Rich convinced me to try this, and my mind was blown. It sticks to things just enough but not too much, and the easy cut dispenser makes life so much easier. Because you recycle the outer and just buy refills, it doesn't work out at much more expensive than own brand clingfilm. The refill is £2.50 for 60m and own brand is £3.30 for 100m. Definitely worth the extra cost in my eyes. 

So that is my version of high end versus high street. I hope you liked it and I hope it is different to other versions of this blog post you've seen. Do let me know if you use anything I mentioned or if there is anything amazing in the basics range which I've missed out on! Thank you as well to all of my new followers, I managed to gain 30 of you a few days ago which is just mind blowing that there are that many of you out there wanting to read my ramblings. Thank you so much, I love each and every one of you!


  1. I love Sainsburys basic chocolate! In my first year at uni, my flatmate and I would buy bars of the stuff (White milk and dark) and bash it up with a hammer to go in our industrial-sized batches of cookie dough (made on my bedroom floor away from the prying eyes of our other flatties and gobbled down at midnight hehe) Great idea, you could do this with restaurants too :)
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

    1. Haha I love the idea of sneaky cookie dough eating! And thank you for the idea about doing it with restaurants, I'll be sure to reference you if I get to do that in the future! :-) xx

  2. I am so on board with this!!! We shop at asda, the basics stuff in there is cheap as chips and you get a bucket load of stuff for cheap. Which of course means we just spend the difference on the things like Ben & Jerry's and Russian Standard Vodka - I will drink no other lol! x


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