Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Deployment Bucket List

Now Rich has gone I want to fill my time to the brim so that I'm so busy I crave days of doing nothing, and so that the time flies by and before I know it he'll be home. One way to do this is to employ a state of mind I have used in the past when I found myself newly single, or in a new place: Say Yes To Everything. Sometimes when someone asks you to do something, you really don't fancy it, or you won't know anybody and you're scared it'll be awkward. I try and say yes to all of those things. I already have my first Yes event planned, I'm going to a friends birthday party next weekend, even though I won't know anybody else there. Let's hope it's fun!

The other way is to make a deployment bucket list, as I saw on Katie's blog back in May when her husband deployed.

Deployment Bucket List

  • Lose a stone: I lost a lot of weight nearly a year ago, and got down to my lowest weight I'd been since I was 13! It's slowly crept back on over the last few months, especially in the last month when Rich and I have been cramming lots of eating out and fun times in before he left. So I'm going to start calorie counting again using My Fitness Pal as that's worked for me in the past.
  • Complete a park runParkRun is a 5k free event that goes on in parks all over the country on Saturday mornings. I was doing the NHS couch to 5k scheme last summer and began to really enjoy it, but since moving I haven't kept it up, so once the weather perks up a bit next spring I will learn to run again, and I will complete a 5k!
  • Watch 10 new movies: I am ridiculously bad at having seen movies that everyone else has seen, especially as I often prefer watching a movie I've seen before rather than something new. So watching 10 new movies will help to get me out of a rut I think.
  • Give blood: This is something I've always meant to do but have never got round to doing. So I will do it in the next 6 months. I will.
  • Start a YouTube channel: I promised myself that I'd make some videos so Rich can watch them while he's out in Afghanistan, so even though I'm not sure what they'll be about yet, I'll aim to make some for him to watch.
  • Reach 50 blog followers: 50 is an awful lot of people, and I can't imagine that there are that many people out there that want to read my ramblings, but a girl can live in hope! I'm on 15 currently, so 50 isn't that far away.
  • Bake for the people at work: I love baking, so will aim to bake at least twice for the people at work. Mainly so I don't eat all of the produce myself!
  • Go to a blogger meet up: This is something that scares me, but it fits in well with the saying yes to everything mentality I mentioned earlier. Hopefully there will be one in the Yorkshire area soon for me to go to. If anyone hears of one, please let me know.
  • Develop my photography skills: Rich bought me a lovely beasty camera for Christmas this year, which I'm loving using, but I would really like to develop my skills further to make me a more confident photographer.
  • Work on the Food For One blog series: Cooking for one is a right pain, and many people when they have to cook for themselves wind up having something unhealthy, such as a takeaway, to make things easier. I got used to it when I lived on my own for a couple of years, so thought I'd share the knowledge via a blog series. 
  • Begin wedding planning and saving: Now Rich has gone away I'm officially allowed to start wedding planning! However the saving up also has to begin. I'm imagining this is going to take up a lot of my time out in the next 6 months, and this excites me a lot!

Phew! That's a long list, I think I'll be very busy completing this list and blogging about it all for the next 6 months. Rich will be back before I know it!


  1. Give blood is something that I would like to do too!
    Great list girl! You can do it :) I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

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