Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I've Loved This Week...

This is (hopefully) going to be a new series where on a Sunday I list the things I've loved in the week. This can be anything or everything, and just shows you what is going on in my world. And it gives me a chance to wax lyrical about things when I'm sure Rich is totally fed up with me going on about them.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I'd seen a lot of other bloggers on instagram going on about this book, and when I found myself in the position of having nothing in my to read pile - a rarity - I thought i'd get this. And for 99p on the Kindle Store, who could say no.
I found this book really fascinating and gripping, straight from the start. I love the style of seeing the same event from two people's views, and the characters made you care about them. I liked how intelligent they seemed as well, as it was a book that kept me thinking about it even when I wasn't reading it (not often, as I was reading it every spare second of the day, Kindle app, thank-you). The ending was really good, very fitting to the characters and I wasn't expecting it, which always makes me happy.
I think i'll be reading the author's other books soon, which is a mark of a good novel. They're also making this into a movie at some point, which has the potential to be fantastic, as it read like a movie in my head.

Crazy Stupid Love

After a conversation at work about Ryan Gosling where I confessed that I really didn't get the Ryan Gosling Thing and didn't find him attractive at all, Clair offered to lend me this DVD as this is where she discovered the Ryan Gosling Thing.
This is a brilliant film, so much so that i'm going to have to buy it on DVD. It's funny, has a star studded cast including Emma Stone, who I have a total girl crush on, and has definitely converted me to the Ryan Gosling Thing. The moment where he takes his shirt off. YUM. I think I swooned more than a bit, and I now need to see everything else he's ever been in. Please. 
Now lets all take a moment to think about Ryan Gosling one more time...


Marks and Spencers Bodysensor 100 denier tights

Now that it's getting a bit colder i'm wearing thick black tights more and more often, and lots of mine are very old now and getting a bit bobbly, so I thought it was high time I bought some more for this winter. After reading this Thrifty Mrs blog post, and this post about where to find good tights for tall girls, I hot-footed it over to M&S and chose these bad boys.
I'm 5'11 and a half, so i'm pretty tall for a girl, and I often have the issue of buying tights in the biggest size possible, only to have the crotch stop mid thigh, and refuse to go any higher without putting a hole in them. This has resulted in a lifelong quest for decent tights. New Look did tall tights a couple of years ago which were amazing, but after a month or so changed, and started being nowhere near tall, as they started to refuse to get anywhere near my crotch. 
These M&S tights are perfect. I even risked buying the large, as according to the chart on the back that's the size for taller ladies, and they fit like a dream. They're brilliant quality too, wash lovely (I just bung them in with my usual load, I really can't be bothered with hand washing), and this may sound a bit sad, but I love that they have a label in them so you always know which way is the back, as I like to stick to which way round I wear the tights as the bobbles always begin on the bottom of the feet and the heels. All this tight goodness for £9.50 for 2 pairs has me completely sold. These are what are going to be on my legs between now and summer!

Hope you've enjoyed this post, and won't mind more of these coming your way!

Rachel xx

PS- Top tip for tall girls who wear tights, wear a pair of black boxers over the top of them, it holds them up, and means if you have a Marilyn Monroe moment you won't be flashing anything more than a load of black material. It's come in very useful for me on more than one occasion *blush*


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