Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Anticipating Deployment

As you may or may not know, Rich, my other half, is in the RAF. When I met him (a story for another blog post) he was, so I've never known any different in our relationship. We did long distance for a year as he got a new posting after we'd only been together for a month and a bit, so it would have been a bit soon for me to follow him, and I had to finish my training first. However we are now living together as I managed to get a job up north, near(ish) to where his base is and everything is going brilliantly.

But (there is always a but...) he is getting deployed before Christmas, for 6 months. This is the first time I will have ever experienced a deployment, as no member of my family or friends are in the armed forces, and this is also Rich's first deployment. I did debate whether or not to write about this on my blog, as it's a very public domain, and I will have to be careful about what I do and don't say, but I thought it was important for me to talk about, so any other girls who find themselves in my position can read about how it is for someone else. When I spent a lot of time trawling the internet when I was first getting together with Rich about deployments and being a military wife, I massively struggled to find anything about UK military wives, it was mostly US ones, which although useful, wasn't always relevant. So this is my two penneth about it all.

I've known since ages ago that he'd be getting deployed so it has been anticipated, however now that it's getting closer it's beginning to hit home that for 6 months - half a year - I won't be seeing Rich. He does come home at some point in the middle for a break, but it's only for a few days, so it's still a very long time without seeing him. We're both trying to be very positive about it, and I'm busy making my bucket list for while he's away, which also includes a lot of wedding planning, to keep me busy, and to try and make it so that I have things to look forward to whilst he's gone. I'm a very independent woman (resisting urge to sing Destiny's Child here) and I lived on my own for 2 years before I moved in with Rich, so I know I'll cope practically, it's more the emotional side I'm worried about. We are very much in love and are incredibly close, so it is going to be like missing half of my body for 6 months.

I'm going to keep this blog updated with what's happening and how it's going, and my deployment bucket list is going to be featuring on here quite a lot, so I'll keep you all posted. I promise to be completely honest, and show you the good, the bad and the ugly!

Rachel xx

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