Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Catch Up!

Yet again it's been an age since I last blogged. I'm in my new house now, and started my new job and life is looking really good!

We didn't have the internet for a while, and it's taken me this long to actually begin to be able to chill out without life being crazy! I had a guy knock my car wing mirror off last week, and the amount of time it has taken to actually sort everything out and get my car repaired has been insane. Like hours and hours on the phone insane. I have my wonderful Brenda back with me now though thank goodness, with a shiny new mirror attached to her. I can't believe how much I missed my car considering I had a brand new (only 33 miles on it) Ford Focus to drive whilst Brenda was in the garage (Brenda is a Hyundai i30 in case you were wondering).

Last weekend Rich's parents came up from down south to see where we are living, and they met my parents for the first time. We all went out for Sunday lunch to a lovely pub nearby and thankfully the parents all got on well. I also went to the Railway Museum in York on the Saturday with Rich and his parents and it was brilliant. I didn't take a camera so couldn't take pictures, but if you live anywhere near York i'd recommend it. It was really interesting seeing all of the different trains, including a Japanese bullet train and the royal carriages used by British Kings and Queens since the 1800's. One of the Kings (I forget which) had a bath in his carriage, I bet it was awkward when they went through level crossings!

Today I went into Leeds to meet up with one of my old university friends. I hadn't seen her in 5 years but we got on like it had only been 5 minutes, which was awesome.

I wore a New Look tall jumper dress, purple scarf from Primark, leather jacket from New Look tall, and as always, my Doc Martens. All of this stuff I bought ages ago, but I thought I'd show you the outfit anyway.

After we had a huge catch up and natter about weddings (she got engaged just before me and Rich did, and we're getting married at a similar time too!) we went to a pub for a burger and her fella joined us. After a while we said our goodbyes and before I hopped back on the train I had to go into Victoria's Secret for some more knickers. I bought some last time I was in Leeds, and they're such good quality and so comfy I couldn't resist.

They're 5 pairs for £20, and as they're £7 each normally I thought it was a bargain! I know that showing underwear purchases can be seen as a bit weird on blogs, but I'm of the opinion that it's only knickers, and I hunted high and low for where to get nice ones which aren't all lacy and uncomfortable, but are a bit more interesting and for a good price, so I wanted to share my find with you all.

So that's what I've been up to in a nutshell! I have lots more post ideas to do in the near future, and if you keep your eyes peeled things may be changing very soon about this here little slice of the internet (ooh mysterious!)

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