Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Anticipating Deployment

As you may or may not know, Rich, my other half, is in the RAF. When I met him (a story for another blog post) he was, so I've never known any different in our relationship. We did long distance for a year as he got a new posting after we'd only been together for a month and a bit, so it would have been a bit soon for me to follow him, and I had to finish my training first. However we are now living together as I managed to get a job up north, near(ish) to where his base is and everything is going brilliantly.

But (there is always a but...) he is getting deployed before Christmas, for 6 months. This is the first time I will have ever experienced a deployment, as no member of my family or friends are in the armed forces, and this is also Rich's first deployment. I did debate whether or not to write about this on my blog, as it's a very public domain, and I will have to be careful about what I do and don't say, but I thought it was important for me to talk about, so any other girls who find themselves in my position can read about how it is for someone else. When I spent a lot of time trawling the internet when I was first getting together with Rich about deployments and being a military wife, I massively struggled to find anything about UK military wives, it was mostly US ones, which although useful, wasn't always relevant. So this is my two penneth about it all.

I've known since ages ago that he'd be getting deployed so it has been anticipated, however now that it's getting closer it's beginning to hit home that for 6 months - half a year - I won't be seeing Rich. He does come home at some point in the middle for a break, but it's only for a few days, so it's still a very long time without seeing him. We're both trying to be very positive about it, and I'm busy making my bucket list for while he's away, which also includes a lot of wedding planning, to keep me busy, and to try and make it so that I have things to look forward to whilst he's gone. I'm a very independent woman (resisting urge to sing Destiny's Child here) and I lived on my own for 2 years before I moved in with Rich, so I know I'll cope practically, it's more the emotional side I'm worried about. We are very much in love and are incredibly close, so it is going to be like missing half of my body for 6 months.

I'm going to keep this blog updated with what's happening and how it's going, and my deployment bucket list is going to be featuring on here quite a lot, so I'll keep you all posted. I promise to be completely honest, and show you the good, the bad and the ugly!

Rachel xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tropical World Day Out

This weekend myself and Rich found ourselves with a weekend of no visitors and no plans, which hasn't happened in a really really long time for us!

We recently bought a new DSLR as a present to us both for Christmas, and to help me take better photos for this little blog. So we thought we'd take it out for a play to Tropical World in Leeds, as I'd heard it was really good.

It's admission price is really cheap to get in at £3.40 for an adult, so we weren't expecting much, but it surpassed my expectations by far! If you've ever been to the Eden Project in Cornwall, it follows a similar theme to that, except it has animals in it as well as plants.

After walking past the first exhibits - which had massive tarantulas in it - very very quickly (Rich is terrified of spiders, so tarantulas as big as his face aren't something he wants to pay to see, unsurprisingly), we headed into the first area, which was tropical, and full of butterflies. As I was wearing a bright top they seemed to absolutely love me and kept flying in my direction and landing on me, which was an amazing experience. These aren't just your standard butterflies, they are huge and such pretty colours.

They're some of my favourite pictures I took of the butterflies, and I was gobsmacked at how well they came out. I think I've found my new hobby! There were also water features and other animals in there, even a crocodile/alligator (what's the difference? And which is the one I saw?)

After this area we headed into the next zone which was the desert area and had Meercats in it! Unfortunately they weren't speaking in Russian accents, but they were being very cute, and as Rich was taller than the glass around the enclosure, he got some amazing pictures.

There were birds flying around as well, and having a munch on the food that was out for them, and there were some really unusual ones and cute ones.

If anyone can identify the pinky orange bird please let me know in the comments. There were info boards by the exhibits, but as the birds and butterflies were free to roam throughout the exhibits it was hard to remember all their names and information!

After we had melted ever so slightly walking around Tropical World (if you ever go in winter, wear layers, as it's about 28 degrees in the zones) we headed for a walk around the gardens which surround it. They were free to walk around, and really picturesque, even in autumn.

Jumper - £22, Similar jeggings - £20, Dr Martens - £110
I love my new jumper from Dorothy Perkins, it fits really snugly, and looks smart, but is really comfy. It's also easy to dress up for work, and down for a rock chick weekend look. It's also long enough in the sleeve and the length for me, which is rare for standard range clothes.

What have you been up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Tropical World? Let me know below!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I've Loved This Week...

This is (hopefully) going to be a new series where on a Sunday I list the things I've loved in the week. This can be anything or everything, and just shows you what is going on in my world. And it gives me a chance to wax lyrical about things when I'm sure Rich is totally fed up with me going on about them.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I'd seen a lot of other bloggers on instagram going on about this book, and when I found myself in the position of having nothing in my to read pile - a rarity - I thought i'd get this. And for 99p on the Kindle Store, who could say no.
I found this book really fascinating and gripping, straight from the start. I love the style of seeing the same event from two people's views, and the characters made you care about them. I liked how intelligent they seemed as well, as it was a book that kept me thinking about it even when I wasn't reading it (not often, as I was reading it every spare second of the day, Kindle app, thank-you). The ending was really good, very fitting to the characters and I wasn't expecting it, which always makes me happy.
I think i'll be reading the author's other books soon, which is a mark of a good novel. They're also making this into a movie at some point, which has the potential to be fantastic, as it read like a movie in my head.

Crazy Stupid Love

After a conversation at work about Ryan Gosling where I confessed that I really didn't get the Ryan Gosling Thing and didn't find him attractive at all, Clair offered to lend me this DVD as this is where she discovered the Ryan Gosling Thing.
This is a brilliant film, so much so that i'm going to have to buy it on DVD. It's funny, has a star studded cast including Emma Stone, who I have a total girl crush on, and has definitely converted me to the Ryan Gosling Thing. The moment where he takes his shirt off. YUM. I think I swooned more than a bit, and I now need to see everything else he's ever been in. Please. 
Now lets all take a moment to think about Ryan Gosling one more time...


Marks and Spencers Bodysensor 100 denier tights

Now that it's getting a bit colder i'm wearing thick black tights more and more often, and lots of mine are very old now and getting a bit bobbly, so I thought it was high time I bought some more for this winter. After reading this Thrifty Mrs blog post, and this post about where to find good tights for tall girls, I hot-footed it over to M&S and chose these bad boys.
I'm 5'11 and a half, so i'm pretty tall for a girl, and I often have the issue of buying tights in the biggest size possible, only to have the crotch stop mid thigh, and refuse to go any higher without putting a hole in them. This has resulted in a lifelong quest for decent tights. New Look did tall tights a couple of years ago which were amazing, but after a month or so changed, and started being nowhere near tall, as they started to refuse to get anywhere near my crotch. 
These M&S tights are perfect. I even risked buying the large, as according to the chart on the back that's the size for taller ladies, and they fit like a dream. They're brilliant quality too, wash lovely (I just bung them in with my usual load, I really can't be bothered with hand washing), and this may sound a bit sad, but I love that they have a label in them so you always know which way is the back, as I like to stick to which way round I wear the tights as the bobbles always begin on the bottom of the feet and the heels. All this tight goodness for £9.50 for 2 pairs has me completely sold. These are what are going to be on my legs between now and summer!

Hope you've enjoyed this post, and won't mind more of these coming your way!

Rachel xx

PS- Top tip for tall girls who wear tights, wear a pair of black boxers over the top of them, it holds them up, and means if you have a Marilyn Monroe moment you won't be flashing anything more than a load of black material. It's come in very useful for me on more than one occasion *blush*


Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Catch Up!

Yet again it's been an age since I last blogged. I'm in my new house now, and started my new job and life is looking really good!

We didn't have the internet for a while, and it's taken me this long to actually begin to be able to chill out without life being crazy! I had a guy knock my car wing mirror off last week, and the amount of time it has taken to actually sort everything out and get my car repaired has been insane. Like hours and hours on the phone insane. I have my wonderful Brenda back with me now though thank goodness, with a shiny new mirror attached to her. I can't believe how much I missed my car considering I had a brand new (only 33 miles on it) Ford Focus to drive whilst Brenda was in the garage (Brenda is a Hyundai i30 in case you were wondering).

Last weekend Rich's parents came up from down south to see where we are living, and they met my parents for the first time. We all went out for Sunday lunch to a lovely pub nearby and thankfully the parents all got on well. I also went to the Railway Museum in York on the Saturday with Rich and his parents and it was brilliant. I didn't take a camera so couldn't take pictures, but if you live anywhere near York i'd recommend it. It was really interesting seeing all of the different trains, including a Japanese bullet train and the royal carriages used by British Kings and Queens since the 1800's. One of the Kings (I forget which) had a bath in his carriage, I bet it was awkward when they went through level crossings!

Today I went into Leeds to meet up with one of my old university friends. I hadn't seen her in 5 years but we got on like it had only been 5 minutes, which was awesome.

I wore a New Look tall jumper dress, purple scarf from Primark, leather jacket from New Look tall, and as always, my Doc Martens. All of this stuff I bought ages ago, but I thought I'd show you the outfit anyway.

After we had a huge catch up and natter about weddings (she got engaged just before me and Rich did, and we're getting married at a similar time too!) we went to a pub for a burger and her fella joined us. After a while we said our goodbyes and before I hopped back on the train I had to go into Victoria's Secret for some more knickers. I bought some last time I was in Leeds, and they're such good quality and so comfy I couldn't resist.

They're 5 pairs for £20, and as they're £7 each normally I thought it was a bargain! I know that showing underwear purchases can be seen as a bit weird on blogs, but I'm of the opinion that it's only knickers, and I hunted high and low for where to get nice ones which aren't all lacy and uncomfortable, but are a bit more interesting and for a good price, so I wanted to share my find with you all.

So that's what I've been up to in a nutshell! I have lots more post ideas to do in the near future, and if you keep your eyes peeled things may be changing very soon about this here little slice of the internet (ooh mysterious!)
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