Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top 3 Things About Commuting

So, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter (@inelegantwench btw) or read my previous post here, I am now commuting from my parents house to my midlands job, a big change from my 10 minute walk to work I was used to for the past 3 and a half years!

So to keep positive I thought i'd write a top 3 post. I quite like making positive lists about things, as it helps me to look on the bright side of not quite as good things!

My banana socks stuck in a motorway traffic jam. I was a passenger at this point, not driving!

1 - The chance to sing as if my life depended on it.

I am certifiably tone deaf (Singstar on the PS2 confirmed what was already suspected by almost everyone I know) and as such I don't subject people to my singing voice any more often than necessary. If i'm trying to explain about a song I don't even sing a bit of it so people know what i'm on about, because i'm that bad. However, when i'm in my car on my own with the music up loud I have no objections to belting out songs at the top of my voice pretending i'm an amazing singer!

It has been scientifically proven that singing releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals that the body releases when exercising or eating chocolate, so it definitely helps to brighten up the inevitable British motorway traffic jams! My personal favourites to belt out are Christina Aguilera and Linkin Park. And I am fully aware I must look mental to people in other cars, but I just don't care, i'm having too much fun!

2 - The time to think.

As I was used to living alone, but i'm now back with my parents, and will be moving in with the Rich when I finally start my new job, i'm relishing the two hours each day I get to just be by myself and think and organise things in my head. I don't know if other people need this time as much as me, but when i'm around people 24/7 I begin to feel a bit mentally cluttered, so after a nice drive I feel refreshed, and able to take on the world again.

Also, it gives me a nice gap between work and home, so by the time I arrive home i've left my working day behind me and can focus my energy on whatever i'm doing that evening, whether it be going to the gym, spending time with loved ones, or just watching TV or a movie, all without that niggling work thing lingering in the back of my head.

3 - Getting to listen to the radio every day.

I love Radio 1. I get bored of listening to the same music all of the time, and get bored of listening to just music, so radio is far better for me than my iPod, unless i'm in a particular mood for a certain band. I also can't stand radio adverts, so for me it's pretty much Radio 1 all the time in my car (the exceptions are the Review show on a Tuesday night, Saturday nights when it becomes 1Xtra, and Matt Edmondson - I just don't get how he's funny...). I love the daytime line up of DJ's right now, and I really enjoy Sunday evenings, so much so that i'll often put it on whilst pottering around the house doing end of the weekend jobs.

I get to keep up to date with new bands and songs, and have a giggle with the presenters and get really involved with the shows as I listen for over two hours each day. I'm so attached to my morning routine now, I think i'd miss it if I suddenly couldn't listen any more!

So. Those are my top 3 things about commuting, I know there are a load more bad things than good about it, but there are some positive things to come out of what most people see as a wholly negative part of my working week!

I'm hoping to maybe make Top 3 Things into a bit of a regular post on the blog, what do you guys think? Good idea? Let me know what your top things about your commute are!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Old School Blogging Tag

Hey guys

I'm not going to keep apologising for the gaps between posts, because my life is a bit mental at the moment! I moved out of my flat, and back into my parents house whilst i'm working the rest of my contract at my Midlands job, before heading up to my new job for the beginning of September. So the move has meant my commute has changed from a 10 minute walk to an hour plus commute by car (it took me 2 and a half hours yesterday, I was a bit desperate for a wee by the time I got home!) and that, plus going to the gym and having to go to bed a lot earlier to accommodate the early early start has meant i've had a lot less time to myself.

However! The lovely Rebecca from Its Rebecca has tagged me with the Old School Blogging Tag, my first ever tag as a blogger, so it would be rude not to ;-)

Five things I have a passion for...
1. My family2. My fiance (did I not mention I got engaged?! Excitement!)3. My job (lame I know but it's really really interesting)
4. Food5. Learning (almost anything, I think it has something to do with how nosy I am!) Five things I would like to do before I die...
1. See the Northern Lights (Sorry for stealing from you Rebecca, but this is very high on my list ever since reading the book by Philip Pullman!)
2. Have children and get married
3. Try snails and frogs legs
4. Go in a hot air balloon
5. Visit America

Five things I say a lot...
1. "I really need to stop yawning" - usually said whilst yawning
2. "Bless you" - people at work sneeze a lot3. "Where's..." - not that I misplace things a lot...4. "What shall we have for lunch/tea?" - I like food.5. "That's dead cool!" - I'm easily pleased me

Five favourite movies...
1. Bring It On - so bad it's good, and was watched so often I kind of know all the words, and the cheers, and the dances...2. The Matrix - total classic and watched an awful lot by me as a teenager3. Love Actually - Best Christmas Film Ever, but can be watched at alllllll times of the year!4. Monsters Inc. - My favourite Pixar film, and Boo is sooooo cute!5. Catch Me If You Can - Leonardo DiCaprio with curtains still (I have such a thing for 90s curtains) and the best sick day film!

Five places I would love to travel to...
1. Anywhere in America, but particularly New York!2. Thailand3. Greece4. Ireland5. Japan

Five people I hope play this Old School Blogging Game...
1. Katie from Cake Vs Scales
2. Becky from Becky Bedbug
3. Bon from The Life of Bon
4. Amy from Did Somebody Say Pudding?
5. Katie from Mr and Mrs Foster

That was a fun first ever tag! Let me know down below if you've done it already, and i'm always up for being tagged!
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