Sunday, 7 July 2013

New House Wishlist

So, as I mentioned here, i'm moving in with Rich in a couple of weeks, and as he doesn't own much in the way of furniture and knick-knacks (how on earth do you spell that word?) and as i'm moving out of a 1 bedroom flat into a 3 bedroom house, we'll probably have to go shopping. What a shame.

So I might possibly have been doing some online window shopping for things i'd like to get and here are my top 5 things on my wishlist.

1 - Scientific Spice Rack £19.99 - Link

How cool is this spice rack?! I love all thinks geeky, and test tubes are one of my favourites. It doesn't just look awesome though, it's practical too, as it's narrow, so will fit on a counter top nicely, and you can fit a decent amount of spice in a test tube!

2 - Butterfly House £24.95 - Link

In the new house we have a garden, and it's going to be the first place that I've lived in since my parents house that has a garden where I can spend time and buy things to put in it. This butterfly house is top of my list as they're gorgeous creatures, and anything I can do to encourage them is great in my book!

3 - Duvet Cover £50
Next - Link

As my current duvet set is purple and pink, I think it might need to be changed for when we move in together, Rich might not appreciate all of my girly pink throw cushions which go with it! So that's going to become my colour scheme for the spare room, and we'll get something new for our bedroom. I like natural style covers like this, especially as our bedroom has a greeny type colour on the walls already. It's a little pricey, however cheaper bed sheets i've bought in the past have faded very quickly, and are never quite as good quality as the more expensive ones, so to me, spending more money on a duvet cover is well worth it!

4 - Slow Cooker £29.99
Argos - Link

When I start my new job i'm going to have a significant commute to do every day, so a slow cooker is going to be on my wishlist to enable a hot cooked meal to be ready and waiting for me when I get in from work, instead of having to spend hours slaving over an oven. Especially in the winter this could be a very very welcome addition to my kitchen! This one took my fancy as the reviews on the Argos website are nothing but complimentary, and the colour is really vibrant, and red is the colour I automatically go to for kitchen equipment. No idea why!

 5 - OCD Chef Chopping Board £19.99 - Link

It's a chopping board. With lots of lines on it. So you can chop all your vegetables to be precisely the same size. HOURS OF FUN! You have no idea how much I want a 1cm cubed salad. (I'm fully aware this probably makes me a bit lame, but you still love me don't you?)

Have you found any new homeware things to share with me? Let me know in the comments section below!



  1. Ahhhh I can really relate to this post!
    Slowly moving in with my BF - He is a homeowner and for us to buy our dream home I'm going to stop renting and live with him to save. Yet it's seriously hard as I'm going from a 3 bed Countryside Barn Conversion to a modern 2 bed townhouse (love is crazy right?)
    Whilst I'm storing my large items I wanted to add my own 'touch' to his and I've brought a fair few items from the John Lewis Sale. If you have a waitrose/JL near you it's worth going in, great deals on really nice kitchenware such as Le Creuset etc as Argos(ish) prices (I got a new processor for £20!), lamps, bedding etc. Ikea is always good + surprisingly Wilkinsons has some nice homeware..& online you can get some funky items from H&M but the quality is soso...If you like shabby chic or quality pieces antiques are at a all time low value wise. I love good quality wood/fancy old chairs and found some amazing pieces in local antique shops (going in storage now..sob!) Essay over - Have fun, it's so exciting! :) x

  2. I defo agree with your theory on your bed sheets - I read a household tips thing which said the closer the material will be to your skin the more expensive it should be, arguing for expensive bed sheets and cheap curtains :) I like it! Good luck with the move chick xx


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