Saturday, 27 April 2013

Two Door Cinema Club Live!

Last night me and the boyfriend went to go see Two Door Cinema Club at Wolves Civic, with support from Chvches and some other band, but we missed them, so can't remember what they were called.

Image taken from Wodu Media
I was really pleasantly surprised by Chvches, my sister looked then up on Spotify and said that "they're ok, female singer" so on that basis I wasn't sure what to expect at all! They're very electronicy, and the singing is awesome. I'm no music reviewer, but if I had to say what their style was i'd say they're very Skins-esque.

Two Door Cinema Club came on promptly, which always makes me happy, when a band are over 10 minutes late I think it takes the mick a bit! I was really impressed by them, they put on an awesome show, with lasers, lights, big giant balloons being released and streamers. I also knew far more of their songs than I expected to! Sorry about the photo quality, these were taken on my phone, from a fair distance away, and i'm not one of those people who will spend half of the gig trying to take the perfect picture and videos. (Yes those people annoy me, sorry if you're one of them!)

And as i'm a lifestyle blog, I think it gives me permission to add a little outfit post every now and again? No? Nevermind, i'm going to show you what I wore last night anyway.

I'm wearing my sisters Topshop dress (none of my clothes fit very well anymore and she is a topshop addict who's the same clothes size as me, score!) with my treasured Doc Martens and super thick black tights.

Have you seen Two Door Cinema Club before? Any bands surprised you lately? 

PS- The boyfriend has come to visit this weekend, so there will be plenty of good cooking going on so hopefully more recipe posts to come next week!



  1. So jealous of you!! I would love to see Two Door Cinema Club (but I live in a country which rarely gets any bands touring, damn Australia!!)
    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself though, you looked beautiful!

  2. what a lovely dress and the recipe below looks delicious! xxx

  3. Glad you had a great night :) I had never heard of Two Door Cinema Club before! What song do you recommend to get to know them?
    Loved the pattern on the dress.


  4. Great post! I have a new post up as well and it would be cool if you can be supportive and check it out and comment. Follow if you like my blog and tell me and I will follow back.

  5. the dress you are wearing is too die for! Gorgeous!


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