Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Season Resolutions

As it is now nearly summer (decided upon because I actually went to bed without putting my electric blanket on last night - ooh my life is too exciting) I thought it was time for some new season resolutions.

I like new years resolutions, and I've actually kept some before, the more realistic ones, like always making my lunch for work in the evening rather than the morning, and joining a drama group. But why should I only make these resolutions once a year when some are really inappropriate in winter? So I decided to make some now. And write about it, of course.

1 - Learn how to run

I've been really into end of the world type books lately, mainly because my lovely Dad keeps recommending and lending me them. They're brilliant, really gripping and some of them are so scarily realistic. And in all of them, if you can't run, you're doomed, especially as a woman. So i've decided to learn how to run, as currently anything more than 5 minutes is basically impossible, and if it was the end of the world, I think i'd be one of the first dead. I'll keep you all updated with my progress, and i'll be attempting the NHS Couch to 5k programme, using the podcasts on my old iPod, if anyone fancies joining in!

2 - Study hard

I have my final exams for my degree in May, and I really really want to get a first, so I need to get my head now to study like crazy for the last time ever! But i'm completely fed up with studying, so there will most likely be lots of shouting at myself to get it all done, but it will be totally worth it when I get to dress up like a Harry Potter extra and have my photo taken!

3 - Stop biting my nails

This has been on almost every resolution list i've ever made, and I thought i'd add it in on here for good measure. I can do quite well these days, but when they get long and split somewhere I don't have a nail file the temptation is too great and they all get nibbled off. I also like to play with them when they get long, which can weaken them. My main deterrent is painting them, because I think biting them when they have nail varnish on is just plain wrong! So the aim is to keep them painted as much as possible so I don't bite them. The photo above is my current progress, if anyone sees me with my nails in my mouth, be sure to tell me off!

4 - Lose the last half stone to get to my goal weight

As mentioned previously, i'm on WeightWatchers, and have done quite well so far, but since Easter there have been a few blips and i'm struggling to get going again, annoying because i'm so close to goal. I'm hoping the last half stone will get me to the point I want to be, able to wear shorts in the summer. Something i've never been able to do in the past due to my chubby knees! The shorts above are some that I love, the top 3 are Topshop and the bottom three are New Look.

I think 4 resolutions are enough to be getting on with, I don't want to overwhelm myself, I think i'm far more likely to stick to 4 than if I gave myself any more than that.

Do you have any resolutions for the summer? Any ideas how I can stop biting my nails? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. good luck on your resolutions! xx

    Hybrid Hunter

  2. We have almost the same goals! Except the one about stop biting your nails because I already did that one! yay! It has almost been a year since :D
    What I did was getting some nailpolish that has bad taste! I then was reminded that I wasn't supposed to bite them every time.

    Hope you do well!
    Please check out my blog and leave a comment! :)


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