Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Monday Munches and Monopoly

Yesterday my little sister and her lovely boyfriend A came to visit me in my little flat. I'm very lucky with where I live at the moment as it's not too far away from my family, but unfortunately I don't get to see them in the week as often as i'd like, as its just that bit too far to do whilst encountering rush hour traffic. Yesterday once A had finished work, they both jumped in the car and drove down to me, so we could all go and stuff our faces at Nandos. As you do.

Boyfriend is away this week on a course, so he couldn't make it, so lots and lots of whatsapps and snapchats were sent his way to make him as jealous as possible that we were all having fun without him (i'm a good girlfriend really I promise).

I had my usual, half a chicken, medium, with ratatouille.

Yes, I had already started to hack at the chicken before I remembered to take a photo, typical! It works out at 15pp for anyone who does WeightWatchers in the UK, the chicken is 13pp which is a bit expensive point-wise, but oh so worth it, and besides, i'd been good for the rest of the day by having 0pp soup for lunch, so I think I deserved it.

I also managed to takea picture of sis and A with their feast of chicken, chips and spicy rice before we all got  very sticky fingers from eating like cavemen.

The original plan had been to go and see Trance at the cinema after Nandos, but we were too late for the showing, so instead we decided to go back to mine and break out the Weymouth and Portland Monopoly that me and the boyfriend got for Christmas. (He is from there, it wasn't a random present. Imagine receiving a Monopoly board for a place you didn't live in. Weird.)

It had been years since me and the sister had played Monopoly, many a summer holiday afternoon had been spent playing it with our Dad, usually involving ganging up on him trying to beat him, as he was the usual winner. After a hard fought game, with no fallings out, A was the winner, and I managed to start up the leaderboard of that particular set of Monopoly. Does anyone else do this or is it just my family? Once someone has won we cash in all of their assets and write it on the leaderboard, to see who is the overall leader. A managed to get over 9000, so its a very good start. I did like landing on all of the places i've visited too, like the Sea-life centre and Portland Bill.

Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? Have you played your local version? And what do you eat at Nandos? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. I love Nandos Rachel! I always have the chicken fillet in pita bread for 9pp with a portobello mushroom on the side for 0pp and grilled halloumi cheese for 2pp...yummy yummy yumsville!


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