Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bloggers who inspire me

So, to start off my new blog I thought i'd do a little round up of some of my favourite blogs and bloggers out there. There are some who i've been reading for years, some only a few months, but all of them are brilliant, and all of them have played a part in me creating my own blog.

The Londoner
No list of brilliant bloggers can be complete without a listing for Rosie. Her blog depicts such an amazing life and such fun, you can't help but want to be friends with her! Her recipes are always great, and her lifestyle posts always inspire me to go to the same places as she does.
The post I think you have to read is the one which describes how to make the unbelievable slutty brownies.

Flying Saucer
This is one of the very first fashion blogs I started reading, and Selina's style, although very different to my own, is gorgeous. And her 3D nail art is amazing! Check out these posts showing her amazing nails and style!

Charlotte's Web
I've only just started reading Charlotte's blog, but I've read through most of her old posts (stalker alert!) and I love her funny take on couple life. Posts which particularly made me laugh out loud are this one and this one.

Slice of Slim
Another relatively new find of mine. I stated weight watchers about 2 months ago now and was looking for a good recipe blog and hers is about as good as it gets, she's even featured monthly in the weight watchers magazine! Favourite posts include the recipe for healthy cheesecake and the one for healthy home-made pizza which me and the boyfriend love and make regularly.

So that's a good cross section of some of my favourite blogs, now I want to hear about your favourite blogs, and also if you've tried some Slutty brownies yet! I've be very interested to read your responses!


  1. Love the Londoner!

    My sister posted the recipe for the sweet potato burgers on her blog ( - hope that helps!

    Good luck with your own blogging :) x

  2. oh wow thank you for mentioning me, what a treat! made my night, good luck with blogging x x

  3. I'm very flattered to be on your list and really enjoyed reading your blog tonight! Good luck with those last few pounds...think of the shorts! Love Janey from Slice-of-Slim xx


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