Monday, 24 April 2017

Meal Planning Monday VIII

This week is our fourth one now doing the 90 Day SSS Plan and I'm still loving it. I'm used to the amount of food I'm eating, and I'm seeing results which is definitely spurring me on. The only thing I'm not quite such a fan of is how much time all the meal prep is taking. Don't get me wrong, I love me some meal prep, but having to weigh out every ingredient, and cook both Rich and I's meals in separate pans adds a lot more time to what I'm used to. It's part of why the blog has become more quiet lately, as a lot of my blogging time has turned into cooking and washing up time. Nevermind though, it will definitely be worth it in the summer when I'll be confident wearing shorts again!

Onto the meal plan! Breakfasts are mostly granola again and snacks are a mixture of nuts, Mousse Me Up and protein shakes.

Lunch: Spicy turkey mince with sour cream, avocado and kale
Tea: Cajun chicken with quinoa

Lunch: Salmon fishcakes with cottage cheese and salad
Tea: Lean muscle mince with avocado and kale

Lunch: Quick and easy chicken salad
Tea: Cod and sweet potato mash with green beans

Lunch: Spinach patties and chicken with salad
Tea: Chicken and potatoes with green beans

Lunch: Quick and easy chicken salad
Tea: Spicy turkey mince with sour cream, avocado and whatever green veg I have left in the fridge

We tend to do our food shops on a Saturday so I'm not sure on what we'll be having at the weekend yet for our last few days of cycle 1. Then it'll be time to measure and weigh so I'll be sure to report in with the progress so far then.

As always I'm instagramming my food at @inelegantwench so be sure to follow if you want to see what it looks like.

Rachel x

Monday, 10 April 2017

Meal Planning Monday VII

What is a Monday without some meal planning and general food chat from me?

It's week 2 of the 90 Day SSS plan and I'm loving it so far! Last week had a bit of trial and error with the recipes, finding out which are good and which really aren't. The Reduced Carb Oatmeal officially tastes like licking cardboard, but the Mousse Me Up (cottage cheese with sugar free jelly) is incredible. I've learnt that Protein Shakes with water aren't that great, but ones with milk are really yummy, and that I am terribly unfit. The food side has been stuck to almost 100% apart from one meal out with Anna before the theatre, but I only had salmon with green beans, so it's not like I fell off the wagon completely. I even watched her eat a sticky toffee pudding for dessert and didn't even wobble. Yup, I'm proud of myself.

The exercise is hard, but I always knew it was going to be as I'm just so unfit. I cried during the second HIIT session, as all the exercises were ones I just can't do (pushups, burpees, lunge jumps) but now I just choose videos with exercises I can do, and modify those that I can't/swap them for something I can do. You can go to spin class as a HIIT session if you want so Cat and I headed to the RAF gym for one on Wednesday which I totally love/hated my way through. I was totally dripping with sweat at the end, but I know it will all be worth it.

I've been struggling a bit with the sugar withdrawal, as the plan is almost completely sugar free I think, with very little sweet in it aside from the Mousse Me Up, protein powder and pancakes. There is the option of a fruit snack, but I'm really fussy with my fruit, so I'm not having those at all. I've been very lethargic and a little headachey at times, but I know this will pass once all the sugar is out of my system and I'm used to not having it. It will definitely be worth it, and I'm already not craving sweet things anywhere near as much.

Anyway, enough of me rabbiting on, time to tell you what I'm eating this week. Snacks are nuts, turkey wrapped egg muffins and mousse me up this week, maybe with a protein shake in if I can't face yet more nuts.

Breakfast: Joe's Granola with 0% Greek yoghurt (homemade during my epic 5 hour cooking session yesterday, and miles better than the reduced carb oatmeal)
Lunch: Quick and easy salad with chicken and seeds
Tea: Spicy Thai prawns with wholegrain rice

Breakfast: Joe's Granola with 0% Greek yoghurt
Lunch: Quick and easy chicken and seed salad
Tea: Cheesy piri-piri meatballs with kale

Breakfast: Joe's Granola with 0% Greek yoghurt
Lunch: Avocado, celery and tomato salad with chicken
Tea: Build up bagel (I'm so excited to try one of these at last!)

Breakfast: Overnight protein oats
Lunch: Avocado, celery and tomato salad with chicken
Tea: Italian beef and sausage casserole with green beans

Good Friday
Breakfast: Mushroom and cheese omelette
Lunch: Turkey stuffed peppers with spinach
Tea: Chicken cashew curry with kale

I've not planned the weekend yet as Nat is coming to stay, and my fridges couldn't fit anymore food in them (thank goodness I have two fridges!). As always, I'm Instagram Story-ing everything I eat, as well as my gloriously bright red post work out faces, so give me a follow on @inelegantwench if you like.

What are you eating this week?

Rachel x

Friday, 7 April 2017

Dinner at Bill's

A few weeks ago Rich's Mum and Step-Dad came up to visit and we headed to our nearest Bill's for tea, and as the last time I photographed it was when they came to visit in 2015 I thought it was high time I took my big camera and blogged about it again.

We headed into town after I'd finished work, and we were swiftly seated in a lovely booth. One of my favourite things about Bill's is the decor and the cosiness of the restaurant. Even if you're not in a booth it always feels cosy and private, feeling homely and relaxed.

The new virgin cocktails sounded really interesting and tasty, so I ordered the Sussex sunset, which was really refreshing, and Rich's Step-Dad ordered the Watermelon and Raspberry cooler, which looked impressive with it's big wedge of watermelon on top.

To me there's only ever one option when ordering a starter at Bill's, and it's the Halloumi sticks. I love halloumi, and these are the perfect size and the perfect amount of meltiness. The dip is lovely and it's just the most satisfying starter ever for me.

Rich opted for the chicken skewers, because that man loves his chicken. I got to try a bit and it was lovely, moist and flavourful. Nothing will ever tempt me away from my beloved halloumi though!

Unusually for us, both Rich and I went for burgers. Rich went for the classic Buttermilk chicken burger, and I heard no complaints as he wolfed it down, so it must have been good!

I went for the lamb burger special, which was gorgeous and quite unusual, so I loved the feast of different flavours.

Would you believe that after all of that we still had room for dessert? Actually, knowing us, yes. I was torn between the lemon meringue pie cheesecake and the warm mini cinnamon donuts, but in the end Rich had the cheesecake, which looked and tasted amazing, and I had the donuts.

The donuts came with strawberries, which were a nice touch, a chocolate dipping sauce and a salted caramel dipping sauce. The caramel one absolutely stole the show, being the perfect mix of sweet, sticky and that little bit salty, whereas the chocolate was just a bit bland and boring for me.

All in all, it was a lovely meal out at Bill's, with the perfect amount of time between courses to chat and have fun, and the perfect amount of food to leave you feeling full, but not so stuffed you can't move.

Do you have any favourites at Bill's? Let me know in the comments below!

Rachel x
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