Friday, 24 March 2017

The Best Lunchbox Noodle Solution?

I'm a huge noodle fan. One of my favourite teas as a child was noodles, breaded chicken and mayonnaise - unhealthy yes, but oh my gosh super tasty. Then as a student I discovered the joy of supernoodles with grated cheese in them, which sounds odd but is actually super tasty. However when I'm at work and craving noodles, a noodle pot is the easiest solution.

I have spent a lot of time trying out the different noodle pots, ranging from Pot Noodles to own brand ones, and none have really tickled my pickle beyond being a way to fill up. Pot Noodles are yummy, but too unhealthy, some of the healthy ones just have no flavour, and some others are just too messy to take to work.

Enter Mr Lee's noodles. I found them on Twitter and when they offered to send me some of their noodles to review, I thought why not, as it can be yet another test on my quest to solution.

The entire range is gluten free and relatively low calorie as they use rice noodles instead of wheat ones, which are my preferred noodle of choice these days as they just don't bloat me as much as wheat noodles do.

Eating noodles with chopsticks is HARD
The first flavour I tried was the Penang Chicken Curry Laksa and I was surprised to find chunks of actual chicken in there, that tasted and looked like chicken! It was really tasty and kept me full until tea time, which is unusual for me. I thought I'd try the Hong Kong Street Beef one next, and I was chuffed to see actual chunks of beef in this one too. I've now tried all the flavours so I can confirm that when they say Dragon Fire mushroom, they mean dragon fire. Oh my goodness that one blew my head off a little bit, much to Rich's entertainment as it left me panting next to him. I'd say it's a similar level of spice to a Nando's hot, so you can gauge it for yourself if you'd melt like I did. There has only been one flavour I didn't like, which is the Shaolin Monk Vegetables. This was just a bit bland for my taste, and overly broccoli'd, which isn't my favourite of the vegetables.

Overall though, I'm a huge fan, and would definitely keep a stash of these in for the future when I need a lunch but don't have anything fresh in the house. They're not currently available in the shops but are currently available from here with free shipping, which is a bonus!

What's your favourite lunchtime noodle solution?

Rachel x

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Ladbrokes Ladies Day at Cheltenham

I was over the moon when I got the invite to go to Ladies Day at Cheltenham, courtesy of Ladbrokes, as I'd seen all the fun the bloggers had back in 2015 at Doncaster Races, so I swiftly booked a days holiday from work and began the panic of what to wear.

I eventually settled on this gorgeous Lady V London Hepburn Dress in red, which is unfortunately out of stock at the minute, but they have some lovely other coloured ones in. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Lady V dresses, I find the cut and quality unbeatable, and I always feel super confident in them. I popped a petticoat from ebay underneath the dress to help it stick out a bit more, and in the process discovered that driving with a petticoat on is great fun. My dress was all poofed up under the steering wheel and my gear stick and handbrake were just poking out enough for me to use. All good fun.

I accessorised the outfit with my bargain necklace I got from Primark over a year ago now, and a black fascinator from Amazon Prime. I had a black fascinator at my parents house, but as that's a couple of hundred miles away, I had to panic buy this one from Amazon. Although headband ones aren't my favourite this one was perfectly fine, and surprisingly comfortable to wear.

After sitting through a lot of traffic to get there I finally arrived and settled in at the table with the gorgeous ladies AbbeyHayleyEmJoelleKateCassieKazAmyEmma and Carrie, the PR. I'd arrived ever so slightly too late for the welcome coffee, but there were still a few biscuits on the table so Abbey and I grabbed some to eat, whilst looking at the menu and settling in.

We were in the Restaurant, which meant we had our table for the whole day, with table service food, drinks and betting, but could also get up and wander around as much as we liked outside. The restaurant itself was lovely, with big screens set up for us to watch the races on and a very neutral theme. The orders for our lunches were taken and then promptly delivered and the food was lovely.

Even though I was slightly spoiled by having a Michelin starred meal only 2 days earlier, the food was of a very high standard, my only complaint being that the presentation wasn't always that great, so the photos aren't as good as they could have been (blogger problems!).

In between courses, I put my first bet on, as I had a really good feeling about Might Bite. The tote betting lady came to our table and I put £4 on each way, and we watched the race on the screen by our table. The atmosphere was amazing as it neared its end, with lots of "Come on!" shouts coming from around the room, and the elation when our horse won was incredible. One of my favourite parts of the day was the atmosphere when someone on our table won a bet!

Once we'd finished eating, we headed outside to soak up some of the lovely sun and to do some people watching. Some of the outfits we saw were amazing, but I also saw a lot of people with their heels off. It made me very smug that I'd chosen to wear flats! It was great that we had access to all the outside areas, and we spent a good amount of time having a wander about.

It was back inside after a while for the cheese course, a drink and then the afternoon tea. They certainly kept us very well fed!

Once we were completely stuffed we headed back out again to take outfit pictures, and for Hayley to do some more vlogging of the day, which you can see below.

All too soon it was time to head home, and I spectacularly lost my car in the car park so spent far too long wandering about trying to find it, seeing all the helicopters taking off and landing.

The day was fantastic, and we certainly were very well looked after, thank you ever so much to Ladbrokes for hosting us and to Carrie for inviting us, it was amazing!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Unbuilt Room

Last night Rich and I did something very cultured, we went to a performance-game called The Unbuilt Room at Brasenose College in Oxford.

I spotted it in the Thirsty Meeple newsletter a couple of weeks ago and the description of it piqued my interest, and as tickets are only £10 each I thought why not, and booked Rich and I in for last night.
"Come in. Sit down. Explore… Discover an imagined version of Oxford in this unique Playhouse Plays Out performance-game. The Unbuilt Room combines the simplicity of bare-bones storytelling with the limitless possibilities of contemporary open-world computer games.
A performer stands on a bare stage and describes another, imaginary place. By giving instructions like “go north” or “pick up the lamp”, the audience works together to navigate the described space, overcoming obstacles and exploring this other world without leaving their seats."

When we arrived we headed through Brasenose College grounds to the stairs to the Crypt, which we descended into a gorgeous bright space with seating set out in a semi circle. The performer gave us a brief intoduction as to what would be expected of us and we began. He described a space very similar to that we were in, and gave us various options of what to do next.

Every time we went back on ourselves he would use the same description of the place, which was very reminscent of old text based adventure games, and he took it in turns to ask us as an audience where we wanted to go. We solved the puzzle provided by his descriptions then had a chance to create our own spaces, which was fantastically wierd and wonderful, reminding me of those games where you write a sentence then someone else does, until you have a strange story.

It was a very pleasant way to spend an evening, and certainly something unusal. It's on tonight and tomorrow, so if you are local to Oxford I'd recommend you book tickets whilst you can!

Rachel x
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