Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Honeymoon | Celebrity Equinox Food

So, on Wednesdays a few months ago I was chatting all about my wedding and honeymoon, so if you want to catch up, feel free. There was one more post though, and I have saved the best til last though, the cruise food!

Rich and I are huge foodies, and we love to go out to eat, so by going on a cruise we knew that the standard of eating was going to be very high!

As I mentioned in my ship tour post there are two main restaurants, a sit down table service one, and a buffet all you can eat one. We ate most of our breakfasts at the buffet restaurant, which had pretty much everything breakfast related you could think of, and probably every type of bacon you can get, as well as things like curry and burritos. I may have ended every breakfast with waffles, jam and cream, which is apparently a breakfast food? Not complaining at all though! We did have a couple in the posh sit down restaurant though, and a few before trips in our bedroom, which was very nice!

Lunches were a varied affair, often we were on excursions, which meant they provided us with some food whilst we were out, but on sea days we'd often go to the posher restaurant, as they did really good lunches. The gorgeous brownie in the picture above was a lunch time dessert, and I think it may have been my favourite dessert of the whole cruise. It was just peak brownie.

Every afternoon at 4pm we would have canapes delivered to our room, as part of the package we were on, and it was always great fun opening the lid to see what we'd got that day. It was a little odd that in a room for two people we got one of everything, but we tended to have a bite each of each thing so we could try everything. It was a great little start to our evenings, as we'd usually be in our bathrobes slowly getting ready at this point.

We ate every evening meal in the main restaurant, aside from our visits to the speciality restaurants and the one time we got stuck in a river in Colombia so missed our slot and went to the buffet. The service was top notch at all the restaurants, and the wine waiters (sommeliers) were amazing. We would tell them what types of wine we usually like and they'd just appear next to us with bottles to try from, and then they'd just keep topping up your glass throughout your meal. We may have gotten very tipsy most nights whilst eating our meals, as neither of us have the highest tolerance for wine.

There was always a bread basket on the table, which as we were usually a bit tipsy, we would hit, hard. As we were on our own little table of two I didn't feel embarrassed by it, so if we go on a cruise again I'll definitely make sure to try and get our own table!

We'd be presented with a menu, which changed daily, and I found it so hard to make decisions. However, we soon learnt that if we couldn't decide, we were allowed to have two of a course, at no extra charge, or trouble to anyone. Yep, I basically had two desserts every night once I discovered that. Amazing!

As I knew that if I didn't like something I could always have something else, I took the opportunity to try a lot of foods I'd never had before, like frogs legs (basically just scrawny chicken wings), snails (one of the best foods in existence) and baked Alaska. It was great getting to try things I'd always wanted to, without having to run the gauntlet of potentially getting menu regret.

The speciality restaurants on our ship were all excellent, there was a very very posh bistro type one, a gourmet pub grub type one, and Silk Harvest, which was Asian fusion (pictured above) and that one was our favourite, so we headed back there on the last night, and I ate so much food I could barely walk back to our room afterwards.

All of the food was incredible, and it is no wonder at all that I put on 10lb in two weeks. Next time we go on a cruise, I am definitely dieting down before we go, so I don't end up in the same situation where half my clothes don't fit me part way through the trip!

This is the last post of the wedding and honeymoon series now, and I hope you've enjoyed reading about it all. I am going to edit the YouTube vlog I did of the honeymoon, and will post when that's up. It's nearly our year wedding anniversary now, and it has flown so quickly!

Rachel x

Monday, 17 October 2016

Back in the Real World...

I am so glad to be back, and boy do I have a lot to tell you!

The Move / New House

The move went really well, we didn't pack this time, we let them do it for us, and it was SO much better. Not having to worry about boxes being everywhere meant that normal life pretty much carried on for us up until the day before, whereas normally I'm surrounded by boxes for weeks before hand. 
One of my highlights of the move was the removals guys complimenting us on our huge selection of games and consoles - #geeklife!

Now I mentioned in my last post that I was worried about not having seen any photos of the house so had no idea if all our stuff would fit. It meant that as soon as we arrived down south I wanted to drive to our new house and peer into the windows (like a stalker) and from that I was a lot more relieved, but obviously couldn't see upstairs. On our moving in day I was so eager, and as the lady was showing us round with our keys I was doing my happy dance. The house is huge. Even though we've downsized from a 3 bed to a 2 bed, the master bedroom in this house is insane, and it's even got a little extra room leading off it. I'll do a house tour soon, as I'm sure you all want to be nosy.

Talking of the little extra room, it is the perfect size for an office (or nursery but let's not go there quite yet!) but it has no plug sockets. I know. It has a window, a radiator, and even a phone socket, but no electric sockets. What the actual?! We're attempting to see if we can have some put in, but what else can I do with it? I was thinking reading room, but it'll be useless when it's winter as we can't put a lamp in there. At the minute it's known as the room with no purpose, and shall remain that way until it gains a function!

The Job Situation

Leaving my last job was really sad, the girls were so lovely and amazing, and I was utterly spoilt with leaving gifts. I even had a custom cake made for me by my friend Anna, with a little model of me sat on top at my desk, working away. It nearly made me cry when I saw it as I was so touched. I don't think I've had a custom made cake made for me since I was very very small, so it meant a lot to me.

Before I moved I'd spent some time applying for jobs down here, mainly ones on the base Rich is working at, as they'd be super convenient. Whilst I was on the website I happened to notice a job at the UK Space Agency, which sounded really cool from the job description. I didn't quite meet the minimum entry requirements, but I thought I'd go for it anyway, because I'd got nothing to lose. They offered me an interview, which was scheduled for a week after we moved in, and I was gobsmacked. I thought I had no chance, and I'd been offered an interview! Well, after a very nervous interview, I only went and got the job didn't I!!! I was so surprised, I was dancing around the house with excitement and happiness for hours.

The only downside is that the new job requires me to have some security clearance done, and as I was changing my address on everything, it took a little while to get the paperwork together that was required, but it's all been sent off now and I'm just awaiting the clearance back then I can start work. It does mean that I've had 5 weeks off so far, which is crazy, but very much needed, as I finally feel like I've recovered from the crazy commute I was doing.

All of this means that I should hopefully begin to blog more often, at least until I start work again, but as the commute is less than half of what it was before I'm hoping that I'll have time for hobbies again!

Rachel x

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

An Adventure Is Coming...

Things are crazy again. I mean, when aren't things in my life a bit mental? It always nicely calms itself down before something else comes along and screws everything up again.

So, the big news...

Rich has been posted, so we're moving house, cities and counties to start a new life near(ish) to Oxford!

We'd been ready for a move for a while, the longer commute (even with going part time) was getting worse and worse, and with a change in working hours meaning that for 2 out of my 4 days I pretty much do nothing other than wake up, drive, work, drive, eat, sleep; I didn't know how much longer I could hack it for. We also really miss a lot of our friends, especially those on the south coast, and luckily from Oxford weekend visits are going to be a lot more doable again.

I told my manager as soon as I knew we were leaving, and handed in my notice a few weeks ago, and I only have 6 more working days left now. It feels really bizzare leaving a job without having another one lined up, but hopefully I won't be out of work for too long.

Moving with the RAF for the first time is going to be interesting. We know where we'll be living, but haven't seen a floor plan or any pictures of our new house, so please keep everything crossed for me that all our furniture will fit! We don't have a garage down there so we might be doing furniture obstacle courses for while if we've got too much.

Even though I am a bit nervous, and not looking forward to doing all the address changing admin rubbish that comes with moving (for the second time in a year) I'm mostly excited. I love exploring new areas of the country, and I can't wait to be able to see more of my southern friends.

I'll try to keep you updated with everything that goes on, and you'll find me over on Twitter and Instagram (@inelegantwench for both) in the meantime.

Rachel x
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